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In this article, we will talk about how one of our advertisers earned money from dating in the USA using in-page push. As a result, it brought excellent results. We will also discuss this vertical and explore the sources, trends, and approaches for successful campaigns in 2023.

We choose the USA because it has long been at the top in terms of approval rates, profitability, and population size:


Take a look at the traffic volume dynamics in the online dating vertical in the USA from 2017 to 2024, and you'll see it all:


As you can see, it is forecasted that in 2024, the number of dating service users in the states will increase to 53.3 million. In particular, it is expected that by 2023, the number of mobile dating app users will reach 25.7 million. According to statistics, by 2027, the total revenue from the online dating vertical in the USA will be $1.5 billion – $200 million more than in 2022.


So, let's get back to our advertiser and their campaign:

  • Format: In-page/Style Social (Live Chat 1)
  • Offer: Dating (18+)/
  • Target Action: Registration
  • Affiliate Network: Traffic Partners
  • Geo: USA
  • Campaign Period: 03/14/23 – 04/12/23
  • Total Budget: $27,493.43
  • Total Earnings: $37,516.63
  • Net Profit: $10,023.20
  • ROI: 36.46%
A bit about the offer: – a platform for online dating with a user-friendly interface, the ability to search for a partner by criteria, a personal manager, and various ways to top up the account.


On the landing page, users only need to provide their email, then go to their inbox and complete the registration following the instructions in the email:


For registration, users receive 100 coins at the start, and they can choose their package and purchase more later.

The advertiser initially paid attention to KPI: the conversion type - SOI Lead with a payout of $2, GEO - USA and the UK. The conditions were good, and the reviews from other affiliates about working with this offer were very inspiring, so our affiliate decided to go with

The author decided to test several creatives at once and then disable the less clickable ones. Previous experience with the dating vertical showed that in-page traffic converts exceptionally well, so this format was chosen for the campaign.

The personal manager approved the choice and advised testing a custom Social style for the creatives. This is an exclusive feature from Evadav, rarely found in other advertising platforms. The campaign lasted a month, and we will show the results a bit later.

How to Earn on Dating Offers in the USA​

Thousands of affiliates earn good money on dating offers daily, and there's room for everyone despite the high competition. Before working with the top GEO, the advertiser should know a few specifics about the region and the target audience. We'll save your time on searching and show them here. Based on the experience of our partners who promoted dating offers in the USA, it can be emphasized that:

  • The most significant traffic comes from California, Florida, and Texas.
  • Colorado, Washington, and Northern California lead in conversions and checks.
  • Users aged 25-35 convert the best, but the LTV and checks are higher for the 50+ category.

Which Dating Creatives Have the Highest CR and CTR​

Americans are more likely to click on ads if:

  • The text is in English.
  • Realistic photos are used in the creatives.
  • The headline includes a city macro.
  • Emphasis is placed on proximity.
  • They are asked a question in the headline text.
  • There is a video player icon in the photo.
The most popular creative examples are:



On the other hand, the following creatives are likely not promising because they contain typical errors. The first creative features a photo that looks "artificial" and far from reality. The second one has a distorted and blurry photo, which is unlikely to yield a good CTR.



Setting Up the Advertising Campaign​

Let's go through the settings of the advertising campaign. For the test launch, our advertiser chose standard CPC traffic with a minimum bid of $0.005 per click. The daily number of impressions was limited to two per unique user, and a postback link was added.

The advertiser added several creatives:





The targeting was focused on mobile Android devices, and the browser used was Chrome.


The author used several pre-landers.



The target action was registration. Users were directed to such a landing page:


The first statistics snapshot was taken a week after the launch:


The advertiser decided to continue but, following the personal manager's recommendation, increased the bid to $0.0075. They implemented auto-rules to automatically blacklist non-converting sources and disabled two creatives with the lowest CTR. The overall statistics for the month look as follows:


In four weeks, the advertiser invested $27,493.43 and earned $37,516.63. The campaign's profit was $10,023.20, with an excellent ROI of 36.46%, in our view. Try to replicate this setup using the recommendations from Evadav experts:

  • Separate mobile and desktop campaigns, as it will be easier to track results and optimize since bids for them are usually different.
  • Choose the in-page format for advertising in the United States – every second American uses an iOS device. In-pages appear unexpectedly while the user is using the device, so they won't go unnoticed.
  • Limit the number of ad impressions to two per unique user per day to avoid irritating the audience.
  • Use the Social LiveChat 1 template for custom styling of your in-pages to make the ads visually resemble notifications from social networks and messengers.
  • Use real people's photos in your creatives, don't try to find photos with perfect looks – they are clicked on less often.
  • Start with a campaign of 6-8 creatives, then disable the least clickable ones.
  • Don't ignore A/B testing, test from 2 to 3 offers.
  • Optimize no sooner than 5-7 days after launch. To gather statistics faster, increase the bid – this way, you have a better chance of winning the auction and getting more impressions. Choose the CPM model for tests.
  • Use micro-bidding – if possible, optimize the bid separately for different sources, depending on the campaign's effectiveness.
  • Ask your manager to set up auto-rules or manually configure the blacklist and whitelist to allocate your budget rationally.


This setup brought the case author a 36% ROI, and they continued working with it. We hope that once again you have seen that in-page traffic and custom styles can be very profitable even in highly competitive countries.