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iPhone owners can protect their backup with a password. If you use this feature, your information will be protected by encryption. It is very important to remember this password in order to access the contents of your backup.

1️⃣ Check old passwords

? First of all, you can try different passwords that you usually use on different platforms. Maybe one of them will work, who knows? Apple doesn't penalize using different combinations. But keep in mind that your attempts will take time.

Most likely, you have chosen one of the following passwords to back up your iPhone:

▫️ password to log into your laptop
▫️ your email password
▫️ your iPhone, Apple ID or iTunes password
▫️ some simple combinations like 12345, 00000, letmein or something like that.

Although some people claim that their smartphones set a password automatically, this is not entirely true. So try to remember the signals you used.

2️⃣ Use iCloud.

? There is also a method for removing iTunes backup password from a smartphone. First of all, you need to enable the iCloud backup feature next to the settings section and save the data to storage. Then you need to erase the device and reinstall it. This method usually takes a long time, so it is not the best option for those with a slow connection.

3️⃣ Reset password

If you suddenly forget your backup password and don't need access to your files, you can easily create a new backup. To do this, go to Settings on your iOS device, select the General category and click Reset. After that, click on “Reset all settings” and enter your iOS password.

Resetting your settings will not affect your user data or passwords. But it will change settings such as screen brightness, wallpaper and home screen layout, and remove the password from the encrypted backup.