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The hero of today's news can rightfully be included in the Guinness Book of Things as the dumbest mammoth in the world.

The story began back in March 2021, when Woolen came across an advertisement on the Internet that offered to make money on cryptocurrencies. Mammoth left a request and was contacted by a manager who “instructed” the man and asked him to install a remote access program on his PC. Shaggy did everything as he was told, after which 300k crowns (≈ 1.1 million ₽) were written off from his online banking.

However, this did not bother him and in January of this year he responded to a similar advertisement, also installed the program according to the instructions and lost about 170 thousand crowns (≈ 600k ₽). After which the connection with the “broker” also disappeared.

Only after the second time, the shaggy man decided to contact the law enforcement authorities, who, in turn, opened a case, but so far they have not been able to find anyone. A spokesman for the Czech police said that scammers face from 4 months to 6 years of bottle imprisonment for such a trick.