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Grace Period. Facebook - free ebb.​

For those who don’t know what we’re talking about and have never encountered anything like this - grace period is a FB feature for which payment for advertising is not charged when it is scheduled to be written off, but the ad still continues to be active, and daily twists the entire budget into debt, without falling into non-payment, this helps to save a lot, taking into account the fact that from the moment you receive such a status of the Republic of Kazakhstan, you are actually paying for free.

How long will such a freebie last - randomly, without exaggeration - it can be either $200 or $2000 - $3000. Our way of driving RK into the Grace period can be considered subjective, but when we want to do something similar, we always rely on it. To begin with, an active campaign, as in the case of increasing the limit, should not be triggered, so it is necessary to upload an already verified link that will not be rejected or will fly to the ZRD after a couple of days of launch, upload the campaign, let FB write off the payment automatically several times , and about $3 before paying the 15-25 bill, after a couple of days of opening it, we link another card, making it the main one, after which the funds should be automatically debited from it.

We must pay the next bill with the reserve card that was linked first, ignoring the new main one; after successful debiting, we delete this card. After that, we deliberately skip each subsequent bill, which will be written off automatically, paying manually, and after 2-3 times we get the coveted Grace period. All this time, the ad must be active, turning it off and on after receiving the grace period is possible according to the rules, although it is not recommended, so you can simply set the ad set budget to $1 daily, and increase it when necessary. Also, previously (I don’t know how it is now), in order to obtain an ingrave period, the method of significantly increasing the budget before losing the bill was relevant, it worked every couple of times, but still much more often than random Facebook.

A current way to unlink a card from a BM or PM with the ability to return the payback.​

We will need: a PayPal account with a linked card and an account hanging on non-payment (if the Republic of Kazakhstan has any other status, the method will not work, since it will not be possible to unlink the card)

1) You need to register with PayPal and link a card there

2) Now you need to go to billing to link our PayPal in addition to the main card

3) Now the linked PayPal must be made the main means of payment

4) And now we simply delete the previously linked card, accordingly, if FB previously wrote off the prepaid, it will return to your card

How to deal with the debit error on Facebook?​

Recently, many people have encountered a situation in which the account, after passing the RP, although it has an active status, simply stops working. In fact, this problem is simply a manifestation of the crooked mechanics of writing off pre-authorization in FB, so its solution is quite logical - it is necessary to force the funds to be written off. The easiest way to do this at the moment is by linking a second card. Having linked a second card after going through the RP and the RK freeze using the first, you need to change the main payment method to a new card, and in this case, the payment will be written off, and the account will begin to open. The bad news here is that this method is not suitable for first-time buyers, because... - in total, about 20-30 dollars will be debited by pre-authorization.

Facebook Coupons​

Often, many people pass by such a thing as free coupons for advertising, although from the name itself it is clear that this is something good, at least. Thanks to coupons, you can pay for advertising at the cost provided by Facebook - and this is not a joke. By using coupons on a regular basis, you can save a lot of money by warming up fanpages for a larger trust, without the help of a budget, which will definitely make itself felt in the long run. There are 2 ways to get coupons: FP farm and controversial situation with support. If the first method is intuitive: just fill out all the information about the FP, post a couple of times a day, add people, repost something - and then within a few days FB will offer a coupon for advertising worth up to $20, then the second method is just right for those who don’t like to tinker with the funk longer than expected and get banned during the flood (or before the flood). If you are confident in the link and you won’t touch it, you can write to support regarding an unfair ban or some bug that you discovered and because of which your Company is incurring a loss. If you explain everything correctly and provide screenshots of the problem, there is a chance that soon someone will be pleased with one or more coupons for advertising; the amount of these coupons in this case is absolutely random.