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Smartphone killers: Which apps use up the most memory and battery?

The smartphone has long become the most important attribute of any person’s life. But despite the high energy consumption of batteries and the decreasing power consumption of smartphones with each generation, the latter still do not always survive until the evening. But most often the problem is not with the battery, but with the applications on your smartphone.

Researchers from pCloud analyzed the 100 most popular applications and compiled (https://blog.pcloud....-phone-killers/[ /URL]) twenty that consume the most power. At the top are apps like Fitbit, which allow a lot of functionality to run in the background. Next come popular social networks, including Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Zoom, YouTube and even Telegram.

The researchers looked at three factors: the features each app uses, such as camera, location, microphone and Wi-Fi, the battery consumption of those apps, and the presence of a dark mode, which can save up to 30% of a phone's battery life.

The top 30 applications that take up the most memory were also compiled, and, oddly enough, Uber, PayPal and TikTok made it to the top.