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Good afternoon dear friends.
Today I want to share with you another piece of unpleasant news.
Thus, in my small town over the past six months, there have been two (personally known to me) cases of solving crimes in the field of high technology.
Both people turned to me for advice on the topic “what to do?”
And the situation is extremely unpleasant.

Case one: a young guy downloaded an iso image with games from a root tracker. I even installed a couple on my computer. And I didn’t even blow my mustache. But then suddenly an investigator, riot police, a search and other fire show. The man is shocked. The parents are shocked (luckily he is an adult). But here's the article... Distribution of child pornography. And everything is quite simple. The downloaded image (somewhere deep in the folders) contained several photographs of pornographic content involving minors. Next is a long investigation, good/bad cop. Stories about what happens in the zone with such an article, etc.
Case two: everything is similar to the first, but I downloaded a collection of books by some author for an electronic book reader. A man of pre-retirement age. Shareaza (I thought she died a long time ago, but no).

Let's figure out where the spread comes from... It's very simple. At the moment when you download, you often distribute the downloaded file. And even after downloading, many do not remove files from distributions. From here automatically comes an article about distribution.
The option that you didn’t know what was inside (and couldn’t know until you downloaded it) doesn’t work. The courts do not take this into account.
Proud and satisfied representatives of the legitimate authorities receive bonuses, increase detection rates and all that.
To be fair, I would like to say that both got off with suspended sentences. One is 3, the other is 2 years suspended. Plus a criminal record, which will take a long time to get rid of, plus problems at school/work.

Based on all of the above, I would like to ask two logical questions:
1. How did law enforcement agencies know what was inside these archives? And where exactly? I don’t believe in the option with an automatic file analyzer.
2. Didn’t they themselves post these files on file hosting services? It’s so convenient to sit and wait until an IP address from your country appears in the list of downloaders. And then sew the template onto the person.

p.s. I do not accuse anyone of anything and do not push anyone to take any actions. I just ask all forum visitors to be extremely careful. Check what you download carefully. Better yet, always use vpn/socks or otherwise hide your real IP address. Because of such garbage, you can run into a real search with confiscation of the means of committing a crime. And when analyzed by experts, a lot of things can appear as a bonus to an already crappy article