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Part 1 technical

The return of bitcoins will be carried out using the Bitcoin Double spend function (they wanted to remove this but changed their minds), it can be done using the Electrum wallet and the RBF commission replacement technology, but all this is only possible when there is not a single confirmation in the transaction.

To return our bitcoins, the first transaction must be sent to ourselves from the Electrum wallet with a minimum commission, and the second transaction must be sent to the victim with the same low commission, after which, in order to make a return, we increase the commission in the first transaction where we sent to ourselves and thereby the second the transaction is cancelled.

The minimum possible commission for sending to Electrum is 1 satoshi per byte, on average this is enough for half an hour until one confirmation appears on the network. This directly depends on the network congestion (see here https://www.blockchain.com/explorer?view=btc_unconfirmed). If there are more than six thousand unconfirmed transactions, then we can open the shield for half an hour, the more there are, the better for us, the maximum I have seen is 50 thousand. If there are less than a thousand unconfirmed ones, then we can count on a maximum of 2-5 minutes (therefore, it’s better not to work at all until a thousand).

For the second transaction, we increase the commission to at least 5-25 satoshi, so that it goes back to us. When you train, it is enough to increase the commission to 5 satoshi.

You will definitely need to practice on your wallets so as not to get confused and know the timing in real situations. I repeat once again, you need to train on your wallets to know how long your false transaction will last, depending on unconfirmed transactions on the network. Otherwise, there is a risk that your coins will go away!

Part 2 implementation

There are many possible implementations, all of which I have tried, at the moment they are still relevant and most will remain so for a long time as the flow of Bitcoin buyers only grows.

The first way is p2p crypto exchange platforms, the most popular are localbitcoins.net, paxful.com, bitzlato.com, you can look for others.

We are looking for victims among those who posted an ad to buy a cue ball; these are usually exchangers and they have a link to the messenger in their description. We write to him there and say that we want to sell the cue balls at such and such a rate (we offer to sell our cue balls at 0% or -1 or -2% below the exchange rate) outside the site since there is no verification there, we urgently need money, etc., we also motivate that there is no commission for the transaction. Say that you are ready to send the bitcoins first because you see that he is a verified buyer, etc., etc.

You agree on a payment method (it can be a card or EPS), if you don’t have a card that can accept dirt, open a deal on any exchanger to buy bitcoin for a similar amount and give the details to the victim. Look at the terms of the transaction that you open; many people ask for a photo of the card in the background of the transaction or just a photo of the card (especially for large transactions), so you need those who do not ask for a photo. In order to be trusted, you need a good account with reviews, you can buy it on different sites for 1-2k rubles, if you have any questions, write. As you understand, it will be much easier to accept money on the left card than through this triangle, so you can also purchase it on different sites for 10-15 thousand rubles.

You send the bit first to the victim; if he doesn’t know this trick, he sends the cache and you immediately cancel the transaction. If you feel that he is stalling until the 1st confirmation, cancel the transaction, this will come with experience. The main thing is to keep within the timing that you will earn during independent training; if it doesn’t send you the cache, it’s okay, you don’t lose anything, add it to your emergency list and look for another one.

Second way

This is advertising on sites like Avito from the left SIM card, olx advertisement for the purchase/sale of Bitcoin (ideally, create a one-page site like you are an exchanger), leave in the description that your rate is lower by a couple of percent from the exchange rate, for example Binance, your contact in the cart.

And here, according to the same scheme as with exchangers, only here you are not looking for a sucker, but they are also much less savvy than the traders at the exchangers.

Third way

This is the purchase of various electronic goods, accounts, services or information using this chip. The same p2p exchanger accounts that you want to purchase, etc., you send a cue ball, they give you access and you change the pass, cancel the transaction. Even some guarantors do not know about this feature.

Buying weapons in games, casinos and betting are no longer relevant. At least for Bitcoin, as far as I know, ether can also be cancelled.

Fourth method

Selling cue ball to cryptomats. At the beginning of 1919, four guys in Canada stole money from about 100 crypto ATMs, they are still being searched for. Naturally, many have corrected this in their machines, but not all. In Russia there are no crypto ATMs for sale, only for purchase.

Open the website coinatmradar.com, open the card, click BTC AND SELL and see what options there are. When you click on the crypto machine, it says what kind of exchanger it is and what type of crypto machine it is. Each crypto machine sells differently, those who have fixed this problem issue a check after payment and wait for the 1st confirmation, this does not suit us. Someone issues it immediately if they see that the sending commission is normal (as written in the receipt which I will attach), with such ATMs send with a high commission, you will have 5 minutes before confirmation in any case (in this case you need to work with a partner in touch, in the worst case In this case, you will simply cash out your bitcoins).