Reaction score
The first is FrontPage (check):

We look at when the account was created (norm: 6 months). There should be avatars + several posts, ideally also joining groups.

Then I do this: I accept 2 BM for rent and link the card to check the trust, I connect 1 BM through billing, the other through the boost post. If it knits through billing, then it’s a gun, if through Billing it’s RP, and through FP it’s normal, then in general it’s not a problem.

I pour it directly onto the side, since this is my main vertical. If the app starts, then everything starts.

If after launch there is no RP, then the last point remains, namely to check the possibility of receiving BM-OV.

Sometimes, after 2-3 rentals, Business Managers simply stop accepting them and write something about the advertising policy, then I put up another 3-4 BMs, if they accept, then I pay for a week.

Points to pay attention to:

1. Ask the seller about the phone number, whether it is current with the owner, because otherwise the check over the phone may not go through.

2. Is the mail LINKED to the account, and is there access to it? The same outcome as in point 1.

3. How often does the owner use his FB, because I had a lot of stories when the owner logged into his account and I was knocked out for a check.

4. It is possible to ask for the contact (insta/tg) of the owner, so that you can restore the account as quickly as possible, and not wait a million hours until the cancer on the gar farts.