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Set the username:

Click Create bot:
Add a name and description to the bot, upload an avatar

Next we get to the bot settings window:

By default, the bot already has GPT-4 selected, but for greater capabilities (Internet search, image generation, etc.) it is better to add plugins:

For my bot I added:
1. Google Web Search
2. Google Image Search
3. GitHub
4. X
5. DALLE 3 - for generating images
6. YouTube
7. Wikipedia
8. WebPilot - the bot will be able to receive information from sites via a link
On the left, if you wish, you can add a custom prompt to the bot, telling it on whose behalf it will be present:

You can also add Knowledge - pre-prepared answers to user questions, tell him about something little-known. The knowledge database can be added to the video of a Word document, links to the site:

Everything here is embodied in your fantasies. Let's finally move on to creating Telegram and Discord bots. To do this, click Publish upwards on the right:

For the platforms we need, select Configure:

For Telegram and Discord, you only need to enter a token. If you get the error "Please verify your Discord bot's intent" when entering your Discord token, it means you haven't enabled this settings page in your Discord bot settings:

Check the boxes in Telegram, Discord, select the rest:

And finally, click on the top right Publish!

Here we can open the bot on these platforms!