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Presumably, the findings of the Israeli group were made public.

Today, nearly 70% of Iran's gas stations ceased operations due to a cyberattack, as reported by Reuters. The issue, attributed to a "software problem," resulted in extensive car queues and disgruntled residents. The Iranian Oil Industry Ministry stated that over 30% of gas stations are still operational out of the country's approximately 33 thousand stations.

Israeli media has linked this incident to an attack by the hacker group Gonjeshke Darande (Predator Sparrow), purportedly associated with Israel. The group claims the cyberattack is a response to the "aggression of the Islamic Republic." The hackers released screenshots of gas station systems, revealing access to individual information about gas stations, payment system details, and the central server-based management system of each station.

Despite their malicious actions, the hackers alerted emergency services nationwide before the operation, ensuring that some gas stations remained unaffected. This strategic approach aimed to limit potential damage to emergency services, as seen in their controlled cyberattack in 2022 on a major steel company in southwestern Iran, forcing a production shutdown. Iran's reliance on outdated systems and pirated software, due to difficulties in obtaining modern hardware, poses vulnerabilities exploited by hackers.