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The earning potential on Ebay is simply endless. The audience of the service extends throughout the world, therefore the flow of clients will never dry up.

Ebay is a huge company providing services in the field of online stores and online auctions.
If you still don’t know how to make money on this site, then it’s time to start learning in order to earn decent money in the future.

What is the essence of earning money?

In America, purchasing unlicensed software and files is prohibited. The public has no other option but to buy original programs.

We act as a mediator between the law and the greed of users. Your task:

Register an account on Ebay and Paypal;
Put your product out there for the public to see. In our case, these are programs for OS MAC and Windows;
• Sell pirated software and make a profit.

Is this legal? I don’t know, it all depends on the country of work. In the USA/Canada/Japan there may be fines; in North Korea there is no “Internet” at all in our understanding; in the CIS, they don’t care about a license or a pirate at all - “computer people” simply install repacks, and for good money too)))). Study this issue yourself.

We simply provide a service - purchasing programs is several times cheaper. Whether it is original or fake is not the point, people understand perfectly well what they are buying.

Important! We recommend selling programs for OC MAC. Since the analogue is not at all different from the original. It is important that installation takes less time than the same program, but on Windows.

Step 1. Register on Ebay and Paypal
In the upper left corner, click “Register”;
Next, go through the standard data entry procedure;

How to start selling?
After the registration procedure, select “Sell”;
2. Next, go to “Sell your product”;

3. Create a list of products;

4. Confirm your email and phone number (optional);

5. Add payment method - Paypal.

Important! For convenience, create a common template for each product. This will be needed to relist the product. Just edit the title of the ad and click the “Publish” button.

Registering an account on Paypal
1. Go to the official website of the payment system;

2. Click on “Register”;

3. Next we go through the first stage of registration: entering your email and password

4. For the second stage, you must enter your passport data;

5. Link your bank card (don’t worry, a test 60 rubles will be debited from you, and they will be returned immediately). Check that there is money on the card.

6. Afterwards, we link the bank account to the card (up to $1 will be credited to your balance. You need to enter it into PayPal for confirmation)

Important! You can only withdraw money from your PayPal account with a linked bank account. On average, the operation takes up to 3 days.
To automate the earning process, we recommend registering several PayPal accounts at once (can be on the same card). Indicate the same mobile phone number, the main thing is a different email.

Step 2. Working with the product
The preparation was successful, you have: a working account and a payment system for accepting future funds. It's time to choose a product to sell.

Which category should I choose?

When choosing a product category, indicate: “Software”;

After, select the appropriate one by clicking on “Select”
Important! Pre-analyze the market: which categories are selling better among competitors. There can be several categories, so it makes sense to work with all of them at the same time.
Quantity of goods

There is a limit for new accounts: 10 products per month. Indicate no more than two pieces in one ad.

Example. Place two ads: “Final Cut” in one category, and the same number of “Logic Pro” in the other. Sold the product - placed a new one.
Thus, there is a high probability of selling faster. According to statistics, the announcement is not delayed more than 3 days.

It is not difficult to understand that one account will not bring in a lot of money. Therefore, we create several at once.

Important! You can link two Ebay accounts to one PayPal account
Data for registering new accounts can be borrowed from friends or relatives (names and addresses). Of course, no one will check.


The choice is always yours, but we recommend starting with Final Cut; this program, from experience, sells better than others. Next most popular: Logic Pro, Microsoft Word and Adobe products.

Important! Don't worry if your first publication doesn't go through moderation for more than a day. This is common practice and subsequent placements will be much faster.
Any product needs a succinct headline. Experiment by combining words and phrases to find the best one.

Example: FinalCutProX10.4.6forMac|DigitalCopy|LifetimeLicense|Instant DownloadSALE

Step 3. Selling and sending goods
At what price should I sell it? We recommend starting with these prices after gaining experience.