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Shalom! The cart hides users' IP addresses, but let's try to figure out the IP address of another user.

We don’t really need any software, just Telegram itself and wireshark (https://www.wireshark.org/) for traffic analysis. Below are just the steps that need to be performed:

1. Launch Wireshark and in the filter be sure to indicate the protocol we need - STUN.

2. Then click on the magnifying glass (Find package) and you will see how you will have a new line with parameters and a search string. There we select the String parameter.

3. In the line we write XDR-MAPPED-ADDRESS.

4. Turn on wireshark and call via Telegram. As soon as the user answers the call, data will immediately begin to be displayed and among them will be the IP address of the user who was called.

5. To understand which IP we need, click Find in the configured search engine, look for XDR-MAPPED-ADDRESS in the line, and what comes after it is the IP we need.

❌ How to avoid this?
— Just turn off the peer-to-peer connection and don’t be afraid of anything.