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This panel, oddly enough, is needed for the CS:GO case farm, so before that you need to create it - there are a lot of detailed and not so detailed articles on the forum about creating and setting up a farm, so I won’t go too deep into this.

At the moment, the panel has some shortcomings and errors, however, it is fully working and functioning, I will roll out updates, bug fixes, and optimizations as much as possible, since I wrote it in haste while waiting for a new case.

Currently the panel implements such functions as:

  • Checking and selecting accounts for farming itself.
  • Adding and checking maFiles.
  • If the required maFile is not available, the account is highlighted in red.
  • Adding accounts in the LOGIN:pASSWORD format.
  • Directly, the automatic launch of your accounts, distributed across the entire screen.


1. Since the panel is written in pure Python, we need to install it. There shouldn't be any problems with this, here's official website, check all the boxes when installing.

2. Go to my github and download all the files to some folder, then run main.py, if necessary, agree to administrator rights.

3. Using the buttons, upload maFiles and LOGIN: pASSWORD pairs from accounts for farming.

4. Click CHECK ACCOUNTS and select the accounts (LMB) that you want to put on the farm.

5. Click the START FARM button.

6. To distribute windows, you need to click on the icon of 2 squares.


If you did everything correctly, then at the end you should have CS:GO windows running in which all you have to do is add connect IP_ADRESS (will be automated soon).