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1. General Provisions

1.1. The forum is an open platform for communication for all visitors. To create topics and posts on the forum, registration on the project is required. Access to the forum is not restricted unless the rules of a section, subsection, topic, or the user's status on the forum state otherwise.

The following rules are the only currently applicable set of conditions that must be observed on the forum. These rules are mandatory for all users present on the resource. The site administrators, who establish these rules, act at their discretion.

1.2. All messages reflect solely the opinions of their authors. The forum administration is not responsible for the content of user messages on this forum.

1.3. Registration on the project implies full and unconditional acceptance of all rules and their compliance.

1.4. This forum is moderated, meaning that user messages are not published immediately.

1.5. Some sections of the forum may have additional rules that may complement but not contradict these rules. The rules apply equally to all sections of the forum, public messages, user albums, and the forum as a whole.

1.6. Nuances not included in the current rules are subject to the consideration of the Forum AMC (Administration and Moderation Committee).

1.7. In some cases, the Administration reserves the right to disregard certain points of the Rules, as well as to add new points and edit existing ones (without additional notification to Forum Users).

1.8. In the case of regular violations, the administration has the right to reset the reputation in full or in part.

1.9. The forum administration reserves the right to limit a user's access to the forum or the creation of topics at its discretion without providing reasons.

2. Rights of registered forum participants

2.1. Registered forum participants have the right to:
  • Create new topics
  • Respond in already created threads
  • Request moderators to delete their own threads
  • Receive assistance from the forum administration in resolving disputed situations

3. Responsibilities of project participants:

3.1. Try to both gather information on the forum and be a useful member of the information portal.

3.2. Strictly adhere to the forum rules, as well as the rules of sections and subsections.

3.3. Treat other Users and Forum Participants with respect and understanding.

3.4. Follow the advice and instructions of forum administrators, moderators, and section curators.

4. Avatars
4.1. Avatars that contain the following are prohibited:

  • Violence.
  • Threats (on demographic, national, religious, or political grounds).
  • Images that some portal users may find offensive (including those that touch on their religious beliefs, such as icons and images of saints, etc.).
  • Obscene language (profanity, rudeness, etc.).
  • Indecency (pornography).
  • Discrimination in any form.
  • Drug propaganda.
  • Commercial advertising and promotional texts without the portal's administration's permission.
  • Imitation of portal ranks.
  • Images of a provocative nature, including Nazi symbolism.
  • Paid schemes or courses (except those that have undergone prior verification).
4.2. Excessively flashing avatars are prohibited.

5. Nickname
5.1. Your account will be deactivated without warning if your username:

  • Violates norms of decency and morality.
  • Contains profanity or offensive phrases (including in transliteration).
  • Is similar to the extent of being confused with the username of a moderator, administrator, curator, or any other forum member.
  • Consists of a meaningless combination of letters.
6. Creating themes on the portal

6.1. A list of topics or themes that are prohibited from being published:

  • Financial pyramids.
  • Hype projects.
  • "GOVNODROP" (low-quality projects).
  • ICO (Initial Coin Offerings).
  • Bounty (bonus hunting).
  • Earning through referral programs (excluding referral program abuse).
  • Begging (asking for loans, requesting materials for free, etc.).
  • Medicinal drugs.
  • Narcotic substances.
  • Pharma-smoking blends.
  • Weapons.
  • Human organs.
  • Counterfeit currency.
  • Alcohol duplication and any alcoholic products.
  • Sale of informational goods (without prior verification).
6.2. The title of the published topic must clearly and accurately reflect the essence of the topic itself. If it's a scheme and the title mentions its profit (e.g., "50k per month," "100$ per day passively," etc.), it must be confirmed by withdrawal screenshots attached to the topic.

6.3. Before creating a new topic, every forum member must ensure that a similar topic has not been discussed before.

6.4. When posting a link to a file, links leading to redirects (redirecting to another site), shortened links, and any other links except direct ones leading to the file are prohibited.

6.5. Any file attached to a topic as a link must be uploaded to approved file hosting services from the following list:

  • sendspace.com
  • rghost.ru
  • DropBox
  • MEGA
6.6. When creating a topic related to software, it must include:

  • A screenshot of the software.
  • A description of the software.
  • A link for downloading (only to approved file hosting services).
  • A link to VirusTotal or any similar services.
6.7. Posting a topic whose content fully or predominantly duplicates the content of a previously published topic on the forum is prohibited. The forum has a search system that every forum member can use to find similar topics.

6.8. Creating topics in sections/categories not intended for such topics (e.g., creating a topic requesting a product in a section for offering products) is prohibited.

6.9. Posting a large number of topics/messages in a row to attract attention to your topic is prohibited.

6.10. Unauthorized advertising of third-party websites with a similar theme by the forum's administration is prohibited. Similarly, topics created solely for advertising other resources (not of a similar theme) are also prohibited.

6.11. In the case of posting a topic at someone's request or acting as an intermediary by posting a sales topic, the forum member is fully responsible for any complaints and violations during the sale.

6.12. Deleting the text of messages/changing topic titles after the topic is no longer relevant or has been sold is prohibited. If a topic is no longer relevant, please report your message to the administration, requesting that the topic be closed.

6.13. Creating topics that contain obviously outdated methods for earning or information, solely for the purpose of artificially increasing the message count on the forum, is prohibited.

6.14. Additional rules and offers mentioned in sales topics, created by sellers, will not be considered in arbitration under any circumstances. The forum has only one set of rules, and nothing else can override or expand them without the knowledge of the resource's administration.

6.15. Fictitious giveaways and giveaways that contradict the conditions set by the author are prohibited. In the event of non-compliance with the giveaway's conditions or if the giveaway is not conducted without a valid reason, the author of the giveaway will be blocked until the funds are paid out or the prizes are awarded. The minimum giveaway amount is 50$.

6.16. Posting only referral links in a published topic is prohibited. Where a referral link is present, there should always be a regular link leading to the resource described in the topic.

7. Communication on the forum

7.1. Abuse of the complaint system and any other attempts to obstruct the administration's activities or the normal operation of the resource (such as DDoS attacks on the site, intentional use of vulnerabilities, etc.) are prohibited.

7.2. Disclosure of personal data of other resource users without their knowledge is prohibited. Such data includes links to social media profiles, photos, videos, passport and other information that allows the user to be identified. This rule does not apply to the arbitration section when such data is required for objective decision-making by the arbitration. Any resource user can request the removal of their personal data if it has been posted without authorization.

7.3. Any actions that may be considered "reputation boosting" are prohibited. It is forbidden to "exchange" likes for goods, money, databases, etc. All participants in such "exchanges" are considered guilty.

7.4. Slander in any form, whether directed at users, actions, or any other direction, is prohibited.

7.5. The dissemination of materials that have the potential to offend people, as well as those that incite interethnic or interreligious disputes, is prohibited.

7.6. Buying/selling forum accounts is prohibited.

7.7. Discussing the actions of the administration within the forum, except in cases where the administration of the forum is seeking the opinions of users, is prohibited.

7.8. Insulting forum participants in any form (including any rudeness, threats, personal insults, and the use of profanity, whether explicit or hidden) is prohibited. Participants should maintain a respectful form of communication with each other. For resolving personal issues, please use private means of communication. Violation is subject to a 3-day ban.

7.9. Insulting, publicly making claims against, and discussing the actions of the resource administration is prohibited. A forum participant who disagrees with the actions of an administration member can express their disagreement through the feedback form. The decision you receive at your contact email address is final and not subject to discussion.

7.10. Using a multi-account for any reason is prohibited. The resource's administration can be reached through the feedback form. Violation results in a ban of up to 30 days with the deletion of all accounts except the main one, as well as a reset of reputation.

7.11. Flooding is prohibited, which means posting a large number of topics/messages containing repetitive and meaningless statements.

7.12. Off-topic posts are prohibited, which means posting messages that are unrelated or meaningless within the context of the topic being discussed.

7.13. Communication on restricted topics is prohibited.

  • Any topic that violates copyright, contains promotional content, or is deemed by the administration to be a "Restricted Topic" will be removed from public access at the discretion of the administration.
7.14. Using the resource to disclose information that constitutes a state secret or other legally protected secrets, propagating or justifying extremism and terrorism, inciting to seize power, forcibly change the constitutional system and the integrity of the state, inciting national, class, social, religious intolerance or discord, propagating war, spreading information on the technology of manufacturing weapons, ammunition, explosives, and explosive devices, as well as propagating pornography, and posting relevant materials on the resource, glorifying violence and cruelty, or inciting people to anything are prohibited. Any topic containing calls for interethnic enmity, humiliation, and insults towards representatives of any nationality will be removed without warning. Participants who make such statements will be permanently banned from using the resource.

7.15. Quoting messages that fall under points 7.13 and 7.14 is prohibited.

7.16. Requests for providing "personal" hides are prohibited. All requests for "personal" hides should be sent to the topic author through private messages.

7.17. Asking for reputation (including hidden requests like "I'm just one like away," "only need 30 likes," etc.) is prohibited.

7.18. Passing on the contents of hides to someone else is prohibited.

7.19. Frequent bumping of topics is prohibited. Forum participants may bump their topics in the feed no more than once every five days. The exception is forum members with the status of "VERIFIED SELLER." They have the right to bump their topics every day but no more than once a day.

7.20. Posting messages of the type: "thanks," "cool," "checking now," "does it work?!" "joining the request," "+1," "earned a like," "PM," "authorized," "added," "is it still valid?" and others that do not carry meaningful content is prohibited.

7.21. Responding to another forum participant's insult with an insult of your own is considered a violation of the forum's rules. Such an action will result in a temporary ban, regardless of whether the initial insult came from the other party. If you believe you have been insulted, please use the "complaint" button.

Have basic respect for the place where you are.

8. Commerce on the forum

8.1. To conduct commercial transactions within this forum, there are sections titled "Paid Schemes/Education" and "Marketplace."

The forum administration adheres to business etiquette and provides assistance in resolving disputes through arbitration. By posting a topic in the above-mentioned sections, you confirm that you have read the rules, understood them unequivocally, and agree to abide by these Rules. The website administration reserves the right to change and/or amend these Rules at any time at their sole discretion without prior and/or subsequent notification to the buyer, seller, or other individuals participating in the marketplace.

8.2. Advertising without prior approval from the forum administration is prohibited. Posting external links is regulated both in messages and in profile fields not intended for such purposes and is permissible only when there is no apparent benefit to the poster.

8.3. The sale of the following items is STRICTLY PROHIBITED: any type of narcotics and psychotropic substances, explosives, or similar items, as well as all goods/services that are prohibited on the territory of the Russian Federation.

8.4. The publication of goods/services must be made in the appropriate section of the Marketplace.

8.5. LEAKING personal and compromising data of buyers is PROHIBITED!

8.6. Duplication of goods/services in different categories is prohibited!

8.7. If a SELLER acts as an intermediary/representative for another seller, they are FULLY responsible for their goods or services!

8.8. PURCHASING goods/services from oneself for the purpose of manipulating reviews is PROHIBITED! Violation of this rule may result in a ban on conducting commercial activities.

8.9. The Seller must provide the purchased goods or services within 24 hours of purchase, or within one week in the case of education services. The exception may be if the seller and buyer have agreed on separate terms in advance. In the event of a breach of this rule, the buyer has the right to request a refund.

8.10. The buyer does not have the right to request a refund if access to the scheme was not provided due to force majeure circumstances beyond the control of the seller.

8.11. Any sales thread related to services/goods/education/employment is frozen until it is reviewed by the authorized members of the forum's Arbitration Committee. The only exceptions are threads related to services/goods/education costing less than 50$ and with a one-time nature.

8.12. The type of review and the conditions for its completion are determined by the reviewer depending on the goods/services/education to be reviewed. During the review, the seller must pay a fee or provide the necessary materials for the review (including all consumables), if required. In the case of earning schemes or education, the seller must demonstrate the profitability to the reviewer.

8.13. Repeated review is required in the event of significant updates that change the initially reviewed functionality of the software, education, or scheme. Only after an additional review of the updates can price, software, education, scheme, or chat access be adjusted upwards. (A minimum review fee is paid to the reviewer).

8.14. A detailed description of the product being sold in the first message of the sales thread is mandatory. The first message of the thread must be kept up to date throughout the sale.

8.15. The price listed in the sales thread must also be shown in dollars to avoid potential conflicts regarding refunds for software.

8.16. A review posted in the sales thread by a forum member with less than 10 reputation points must contain evidence of the author's collaboration and receipt of the stated goods/services/scheme/education. If there is no evidence, the review will be deleted.

8.17. For threads* related to the sale of cards, wallets, cashouts, it is mandatory to make a deposit of 100$.

  • Even if your thread does not belong to these categories, the administration reserves the right to request a deposit from you. ** The deposit amount may vary depending on your thread.

The price of the goods sold is required:
If a thread is an auction, it is not possible to specify an exact price. In such cases, you are allowed to post a starting price with an auction increment or a "buy it now" price for instant purchase without participating in the bidding process.

If a thread is a group buy (collective purchase), it is not possible to specify an exact price. In such cases, the price will be calculated automatically based on the author's minimum price with an adjustment for the number of participants in the group buy.

In any other cases, only the exact and final PRICE is indicated.

9. Controversial situations

9.1. If a buyer is not satisfied with the quality of the product or service received, they have the right to open a dispute (arbitration). In this case, a representative of the Administration will be invited.

9.2. If the BUYER has not provided any data or responded in any way within 24 hours after opening a dispute, the transaction will be automatically closed in favor of the seller.

9.3. If the SELLER has not responded or reacted to the dispute within 24 hours after it was opened, the transaction will be automatically closed in favor of the buyer. Exceptions are weekends (if the dispute was opened on a Friday, the waiting time for the seller may be extended until Monday).

9.4. The decision on disputed situations is made solely at the discretion of the Platform Administration. This decision CANNOT BE APPEALED OR CONTESTED!

Agreement with the Administration's terms in the trading platform.

The forum's Administration reserves the right to add, delete, or edit these rules at any time at their discretion. The forum's Arbitration Committee (AMC) is not responsible for fluctuations in the Bitcoin exchange rate, as well as for any material or financial losses related to non-fulfillment of obligations by buyers or sellers.


10.1. In situations requiring a transaction in the presence of a GUARANTOR, it is necessary to submit an application!

10.2. The forum's GUARANTOR is SHADOW

10.3. Refusing to use the Forum's Guarantor Service is considered a lack of trust in the AMC Project and will result in the complete blocking of your account, with no possibility of unblocking.

10.4. When conducting a transaction outside the forum, and moreover, without using the forum's Guarantor, it is mandatory to record the process of the transaction, contacts, the payment process for the product/service, and so on using screen recording software (or other screen recording methods). This is primarily for your protection in case of conflicts and for any subsequent arbitration involving forum users.

11. Other provisions

To avoid misunderstandings, users should exercise caution when downloading from the website or following links placed on it and when using any files, including software. The Administration strongly recommends using licensed software, including antivirus software.

By using the site, the user agrees to download any materials from the forum or through its services at their own risk and takes personal responsibility for any potential consequences of using these materials, including any damage that may occur to the user's computer or to third parties, and any loss of data or any other harm.

Under no circumstances will the Administration or its representatives be held liable to users or any third parties for any indirect, incidental, unintended damage, including lost profits or damage to honor, dignity, or business reputation, caused in connection with the use of the forum, its content, or any other materials to which you or others gained access through the forum, even if the site's administration warned or indicated the possibility of such harm.

Users are responsible for their actions related to creating and posting information on their personal pages on the Site, as well as posting information on the personal pages of other Users and in other forum sections in accordance with the current legislation of the Russian Federation. Violation of these Rules and the current legislation of the Russian Federation may result in civil, administrative, and criminal liability.

The resource administration is not responsible for the materials posted on the forum, as they are generated by users. The forum does not provide electronic versions of works but only collects and catalogs links sent and published by our users. Be aware that everything you download through links on this forum, you download at your own risk, and the administration is not responsible for potential harm and viruses that may be distributed through the forum.

Lack of awareness of the rules does not exempt participants from liability for their violations. These rules take effect upon publication. Continued use of the resource implies your agreement with them.



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