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Here is an incredible, fat topic that will allow you to make money by selling dedicated servers. It's quite simple: register accounts, let them sit, and then sell them.

  1. Click on the link and press "Start for free".
  2. Register with your real information, and set your home region to the one closest to you.
  3. Top up the virtual card with 1€ and link it (they will charge and refund the euro instantly).
  4. Go to the "Launch Resources" tab and click on "Create a VM instance" (screenshot 1).
  5. You will be redirected to the server creation menu. Choose Oracle Linux 7.9 as the OS (Windows will be paid, so don't select it - screenshot 2).
  6. Click on "Change image," then select "Canonical Ubuntu" (screenshot 3).
  7. Configure the server settings (for continuous 24/7 operation, I recommend not using more than 24GB of RAM and 4 CPUs). To do this, go back to the previous menu and click on "Change shape" (screenshot 4).
  8. Download SSH keys for connecting to the server (screenshot 5).
  9. Go to the Boot Volume tab and allocate memory to your server (maximum 200GB for the entire account; if you have one server, allocate all 200GB).
  10. If everything went well, you will be redirected to a screen with information about your server (screenshot 6).
  11. Use the dedicated server yourself or sell it after some time.
  12. PROFIT!
Wishing everyone profitable endeavors, friends!