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At Rockstar Games, the holidays will be busy.

On Christmas Eve, it became known about a potential leak of the source code of the popular video game Grand Theft Auto 5. This happened a year after the attack of the hacker group Lapsus$ on the company Rockstar Games, which resulted in the theft of corporate data.

Links to downloading the source code were distributed in several ways: Discord, a site on the darknet, and a Telegram channel previously used by hackers to leak Rockstar data. In one of the Telegram channels dedicated to the Grand Theft Auto leaks, the owner of the channel named 'Phil' posted links to the stolen source code, showing a screenshot of one of the folders.

Phil also paid tribute to Lapsus $ hacker Arion Kurtai, who previously posted prerelease videos of Grand Theft Auto 6 under the pseudonym 'teapotuberhacker'. Kurtay was recently sentenced to an indefinite hospital stay in the UK for hacking Rockstar and Uber.

In 2022, Rockstar Games was hacked by members of the Lapsus$ group, who gained access to the company's corporate Slack server and Confluence wiki. Then hackers said that they stole the source codes and assets of GTA 5 and GTA 6, including the test build of GTA 6, some of the stolen content was published on forums and in the Telegram channel. Samples of the GTA 5 source code were also published as evidence of data theft.


Screenshot of the GTA5 source code folder

A group of cybersecurity researchers, vx-underground, reported that they communicated with an attacker at Discord, who stated that the source code leak occurred earlier than expected.


Hacker showed vx-underground screenshots of the leak as evidence

Although experts of the BleepingComputer publication got acquainted with the leak, which, apparently, is the original source code of GTA 5, it was not possible to independently verify its authenticity. BleepingComputer contacted Rockstar about the leak, but did not receive a response, probably due to the holidays.