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Shalom! Is this Chinese scammer fucked up with her bans? Catch tips on how to get around her SB[?] (https://t.me/greedydictionary/86)! But keep in mind that account blocking can happen at different times, and these are just tips to help reduce the risk.

Save it for yourself so you don’t waste the most important money!

➕ Avoid sending cryptocurrency from the Garantex exchange to your Binance account, as the Binance system may identify this as potential fraudulent or illegal activity and cause problems with your account.

➕ Do not send gray or black cryptocurrency to Binance to avoid possible account blocking by the red-asses. If you need unlocking, you will have to provide detailed information about the origin of these assets, which can be difficult, expensive and not always successful.

➕ Be polite when dealing with competitors on P2P and avoid unfounded complaints. If Binance finds out that you are trying to eliminate a competitor in bad faith, your account will fly away here (https://t.me/c/1734074558/1).

➕ Make sure that the first and last name on the account matches the card details. Non-compliance may result in a ban.

➕ Do not try to transfer communication with a Binance user to Telegram or other instant messengers, this also looks very bad in the cyber eyes of SB[?] (https://t.me/greedydictionary/86), and therefore is fraught.

➕ Avoid using a VPN when accessing Binance, as the system may assume that your account has been hacked and block it.