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Today we will talk about how to call from the left number via sip telephony for free + change your voice.

▫️ We go to any SMS service and take the number.

But I would like to talk about voice substitution and software for making calls on a PC. I recommend using MicroSIP software because it has call recording and microphone selection.

1️⃣ Download the archive with the MorphVOX program, launch the installer, install. After installation, go to the folder with the program and change it to the pro version from the archive (Lists on the Crack path), then launch it.
2️⃣ Morpvox setup
3️⃣ Install MicroSIP from the archive, open it.
4️⃣ Go to its settings (RMB on the bottom panel), select add.

Right-click on the bottom panel again, but this time select settings

You can download it here via direct link

This is only a small part of life situations when replacing the real number of an outgoing call can serve a good purpose. Moreover, both in personal life and in professional activities.

If the number of an outgoing call is easy to fake, then it is physically impossible to receive incoming calls to an arbitrary number - and the subscriber will only reach the real owner of the number.