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Make a lot of videos and publish very often. You can even put it on hold, creating content for a month in advance, and do something else the rest of the time.

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You definitely have to see THIS, because it's just the BOMB. There are a lot of simple things like this, and you get $1-2 per 1000 views, making a video of 3-5 minutes, or even 50 seconds. channels simply fly away in a couple of months to YouTuber’s paradise (if, of course, you constantly come up with something interesting).

There is such a channel (for example):


He makes videos very often and films with the terrible camera of his android, in a room where there is no normal light and the angle suggests that the person is an absolute ZERO in video shooting.


Every 30 days he makes 17 million views in total from all videos, from a channel that has only 75 thousand subscribers and he himself is essentially NO NAME.


Who is there looking for excuses and trying to “get to the truth”? Maybe just start Doing, and not Desire? Monetization is connected, you already know how to check, I’ve already said more than once in recent articles what buttons to press to find out, or just look for yourself on a channel without a Premium subscription, advertising should load or appear on the side of the video in the window.

The content is easy to produce: first a video in which something incomprehensible or stupid happens, then its insertion, that’s all. Take a look and analyze for yourself.

Yes, the article was not so voluminous, but I wrote it so that you stop DOUBT and start creating, this will bring experience and money, you don’t need to be afraid that it won’t work out, you need to worry that you won’t try.

You think a family man isn’t creepy? For a couple thousand dollars, I think not. And if he creates his own “local meme” and creates his own merch, then loyal fans will begin to buy it and thereby support the author and his work.

It has always worked, it works now and will work for many years. Use it!


Don’t waste your time, let your videos play there, connect the coin, and develop your sense of humor, improve your speech, improve your memory, improve your acting skills (if you go beyond the usual commenting and make small sketches.