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Today we are in a hurry to share with you a simple, but quite easily monetized scheme, where you will have to translate foreign material into other languages.

The first step is to figure out where we will actually get the content for sale. In fact, everything is simple, we will take texts in Polish and Czech, and then translate them using a translator. So we simply find the original article on a Czech or Polish website, after which we translate it using a regular online translator, thereby obtaining, in fact, a unique article. You can check the received article for uniqueness using a service called, almost always the uniqueness will be at least 80 percent.

Sometimes it is best to use Yandex translator, which in some cases translates much better than Google. Also, Google will not allow you to translate a large amount of text, while Yandex does an excellent job. We do not recommend working with Ukrainian sites, since, basically, these texts have already been used and they all have a low level of uniqueness. At the same time, the Poles and Czechs will remain afloat for a long time.

Now let's figure out where you can sell the received articles. It is best to use the Etxt exchange for selling, since it is on it that you can place a full-fledged article store for free, without any claims from the administration.

So, just follow the link and create your account on it as a customer or as a writer of articles, and it is best to use two accounts at once, which were created at different times, although most of all you will use the customer’s account, since it is highly trusted.

After completing the registration procedure, you need to enter text like: “Details for buyers in the profile” into your status line.

In your profile, the most attention should be paid to just one section “Additional information”. In it you need to write a couple of paragraphs about the fact that all the texts you sell may require modifications from buyers. This way you can get rid of questions if you find inaccuracies in the text.

So, where should you look for the content itself to sell and what is the easiest way to do everything?

1. The first thing you need to do to get started is decide what texts you will write on. The best sellers are regular informational articles on a variety of common topics. So, you can choose the following topics: fashion, psychology, sports, description of games for platforms, etc. In general, the list is very wide, so everyone can find something for themselves.

You can also look at all published tasks on the exchange. They will tell you the most interesting and popular topics for your articles, but there is a nuance here, for example, texts on medical topics are not always translated accurately, and editing them may require a lot of effort and knowledge of concepts from you, but here is the content text, which answers the question: “how to do something, how to find it, etc., 5 tips for something, etc.” will be translated most accurately and you won’t have to bother with it so much, since you practically won’t have to make your own edits to it.

2. After you have decided on the topic of the content, you need to understand that the texts that interest us should be taken only from Polish and Czech sites with their own domains. Thus, sites on the *.pl domain are located in Poland, and on the *.cz domain in the Czech Republic.

3. In order to filter the display of sites of the desired country in the search engine, you simply need to enter the following mask into the search bar:

site:*.pl space search phrase in Polish

site:*.cz space search query in Czech

4. As you well understand, to receive the corresponding request, you need to open the translator page and translate the search query from Russian into Polish or Czech, depending on the language you have chosen. After this, we copy the translation you received and paste it into the mask that we indicated above.

5. Next, we simply look for the websites of periodicals, on whose pages texts on various topics are constantly published that are of particular interest to us. It's best to look at as many links as possible and don't start with the first one, so you can find the most interesting content. There are really a lot of similar works, so you can definitely find something suitable for sale.

And after you find the appropriate text, simply translate and correct it, and then you can move on to selling it.

Now let's see what tools can be useful to us during our work.

1. It’s rare, but it still happens that an online translator either translates the text completely crookedly or doesn’t translate it at all. For such problematic texts, you can use a program called QTranslate. The program is really very convenient and works very simply. So, it translates any text that has been highlighted on the screen. You simply circle the text with the mouse, then press the CTRL button twice, and the translation will be displayed in the lower window. At the same time, at the bottom of the window with the translated text there are also buttons for all current online translators, by selecting which you can evaluate how this or that system copes with the translation.

2. Also, in order to edit the article and prepare it for sale, we need to use any convenient text editor, for example, the same Word.

Well, we’ve come to the point of selling received articles.

As we said before, the first step is to check your edited text for uniqueness. We indicated a service for checking text for uniqueness at the very beginning of the analysis of the scheme. After you check the text, you can proceed to publishing it for sale.

1. So, in order to ensure quick sales, it is best, as we have already said, to use an exchange called Etxt.

2. After you are logged into the system, you need to fill out your profile with the necessary information (we also talked about this at the beginning of the article). Then, when everything is ready, you need to select “Add article” from the menu on the left.

3. Next, we work according to the standard, write a unique title, select a text category, it is better to select the article type “Rewriting”, and the typology “informational”.

4. It is also important to pay attention to the “Description” section, because this is the text that the buyer will see. For example, articles are purchased more readily if the descriptions indicate that the text is structured in paragraphs, has subheadings, enumeration lists, etc. You can also sign a selling phrase: “hurry to purchase unique content at an incredibly low price,” but under no circumstances write that this text is a translation.

You can write a universal description for all your articles, and then simply insert one of your blanks into the field when publishing.

5. Don’t neglect the “keywords” field. We write in it the keywords for the search. This will make it easier for customers to find your text.

6. But with the “Price” field there are several very important points.

The first point is that if you do not raise the price of your articles, then, accordingly, the chances of selling will increase significantly. For example, you can ask for $1-2 for 1000 characters.

The second point is that most of the time the system has automatic moderation of all uploaded articles enabled, and if you raise the price above $3, then manual checking mode will be turned on, and your texts will not always be able to pass such a check, since editors will even dig into to commas that are placed in the wrong place. The best option is to set the price at $1.5 per 1000 characters, so you will skip the automatic verification mode, but since the price is not so high, you need to take the number of articles.

7. When publishing text, it is important not to forget to remove the title. Since it is already written in the “Title” field and if it is repeated in the main field, then even the automatic verification system will return the text to you for correction. Therefore, in order to redo the same thing several times, you need to do everything right at once.

8. Well, the final touches are to check the box “I have read the text of the rules” and click on the “Put for sale” button.

It’s important not to be lazy and regularly replenish your store with many different articles, but even in the first days you will already see the first sales, which will be an incentive for further work.