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JungleScout is a tool that is widely used by entrepreneurial individuals who aim to make money through the Amazon marketplace.


If you use Google Chrome, it's a good idea not to disable automatic translation, as it can significantly speed up the process of learning about this platform. Also, keep a tab open with a translation tool.

This software practically sells itself, and our task is to present it effectively so that we can have satisfied customers who will definitely see results, and substantial ones at that.

Imagine that you used to sell 100-150 units of products, and now you start selling 200-250 units, unable to keep up with demand. You've also increased your profit margin and made additional sales, increasing your overall revenue and turnover. This software can help with exactly that.

Scroll down to the very bottom of the website and in the right column under "Company," you'll find the "Affiliate Program" that we're interested in. Click on it to go to the page where you can join the program and gain access to your dashboard.


Let's clarify right away that the website is not very friendly to Russia and the entire CIS region, so it's better to use an anti-detect browser with proxies from the USA or Europe to avoid approval issues. Afterward, you can start attracting people.

And yes, there's a $150 bonus for bringing in a new customer, and a significant commission from their sales during the first month of work.

Traffic Sources:

There's a clever method involving commenting on books related to Amazon sales in groups and chats associated with Amazon. You can create a short story about how a particular book helped you increase your sales and profits by 300%. You can get these books for free from a site like Freeplrdownloads:


Download the book, make some edits, add a sentence about JungleScout, and insert a hyperlink. This works in 80% of the cases when people download the book.

Other Traffic Sources:

• Start posting images about Amazon on Pinterest, creating them for free, for example, in Canva.

• Use video content on Reels, TikTok, and Shorts to redirect traffic to your Telegram account, for example, with a book or a post about JungleScout.

• Purchase ads on AdClerks.

• Engage with the community in their thematic Facebook groups and send personal messages when people show interest.

• Use websites where people frequently ask each other questions. There are also topics related to Amazon.