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This messenger was created for eavesdropping-protected correspondence, but its development did not stop there. Telegram quickly turned into a platform for various information services and is gradually transforming into a type of social network. Telegram functions allow you to receive the necessary information using channels, chats, or perform various actions using bots without leaving the messenger itself. Having gathered an audience, channel authors or bot creators receive an effective tool for making money. Happy reading!

Let's go!

1) Channels in Telegram are of the following types: channels of large companies, banks, brands, services. As a rule, they broadcast news about their business, new services, and promotions.


They provide subscribers with the convenience of receiving ready-made information in the messenger, without visiting numerous sites. Such channels publish digests on certain topics and are useful to readers because they quickly provide interesting information in a condensed form. Collections for channels, websites, blogs, any interesting other people's content. The point of such a service, as in news, is to supply selected information that has already been found on a topic of interest to the subscriber.

Industry channels.

Publication of reviews, analytical articles, expert opinions, infographics in various areas of business, art, science. Such channels are important to subscribers, as they quickly publish useful information that cannot be found anywhere else or news, often before regular media. Author's channels - blogs of famous personalities and experts. These could be psychologists, doctors, marketing specialists, journalists, programmers, travelers, designers. Such channels are distinguished by their own style of presentation, which subscribers love and appreciate.

Entertainment channels.

As a rule, this is an endless feed of jokes, memes, funny gifs from other sources. It may be of interest to subscribers only because this copy-paste stream is delivered directly to the messenger.

Review of ways to make money on Telegram channels!

2) Like any other type of online media, a Telegram channel provides its owner with two ways to legally earn money:

Advertising in a public channel.

The author attracts and retains readers with interesting publications and periodically places advertising posts. The cost of advertising depends on the number of subscribers and the subject of the channel. As a rule, the price of one post in $ is the number of subscribers multiplied by a coefficient from 0.25 to 1.5. It’s cheaper in entertainment channels, and more expensive in serious business or technology blogs. Most often, other channels or bots are advertised, but you can also attract traffic to external links. It is important that your landing page is optimized for mobile devices.

Selling information.

A private channel is being created with paid access, whose subscribers receive reports, analytics, statistics, cases of earnings, reports, signals for traders and other information important for business.

Earning money on Telegram channels through advertising!

3) The Telegram channel, as an information platform, surpasses social networks in terms of the high coverage of publications and the loyalty of subscribers to advertising in the channel. After all, readers understand that the work of the author, who regularly provides them with interesting content, deserves reward.

How much can you earn from advertising?

4) It depends on the topic and number of subscribers. The network writes that the author of the “Interesting Articles” channel, when he had 20 thousand subscribers, sold one advertising publication for 80$. The channel with funny gifs Top Gifs has 24,233 participants, advertising costs 20$. for publication. And one advertising placement in the Cryplex channel (topic: cryptocurrencies, 21 thousand subscribers) costs 55$.

5) You can attract advertisers through exchanges or advertising chats. And if the channel is popular, then advertisers themselves will contact the author. Therefore, it is wise to add more contacts in your profile, and in the channel description it is recommended to immediately indicate the price range for advertising.

Earning money on Telegram channels on affiliate programs!

6) Advertising in Telegram is great for driving traffic to mobile and other affiliate program offers. To make money on affiliate programs, you can use arbitrage by buying advertising in other people's channels. Or look at the offers in our off-fee catalog... and create your own channels on relevant topics.

7) Unlike spam in Viber or WhatsApp messengers, advertising in Telegram does not irritate users and is better perceived. Traffic from the Telegram channel is especially suitable for offers of coupons, mobile games, applications, and services.