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Every day 1.5 million people register on Telegram, I think there is no longer any question of creating a channel in it. So if you have decided to take this step, welcome to the article, I will tell you about promoting a telegram channel from scratch.

And I will not follow someone else’s example and say “Now is the time,” “Hurry up to catch the wave,” and so on. The first wave of popularity passed more than 5 years ago. But with the right approach, in a year or two it won’t be too late to become part of it.

Telegram is different from social networks. Therefore, before you start promoting, it is worth considering the difference between them. And understand that the elements that work there usually don’t work here.

1. Organic growth

For comparison, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Tiktok work on the principle: when a publication gathers engagement, it is automatically promoted in the recommendations feed and appears in more users. But in Telegram it doesn’t work that way. Only internal sharing will work here. When the user himself forwards his post to friends and colleagues.

2. Search

Search does not work inside the messenger. More precisely, it works, but not in the usual format. If you search for “business,” it will show just a few random channels, chats, and users with the word “business” in their title or name. That's all. Therefore, to search for channels, programs/sites like,, are used.

3. Advertising prices

It is higher than on other sites. At the initial stage of promotion, this seems like a minus. However, in the long run it turns into a plus - when the project begins to generate income from advertising. Advertising prices vary depending on the category.

4. Audience

In promoting the channel, it will not be possible to follow the same strategy as in the conventional Instagram. The audience in a telegram is people who come into it to read something that they won’t find on the Internet. Therefore, the visual here fades into the background, and the quality of information comes to the fore.

A little from afar (but important). A channel that publishes useful information and monitors the quality of content will grow. Since readers will send out publications and attract new subscribers. But on the contrary, a channel with mediocre material, no matter how strange it may seem, with a large advertising budget and a competent advertising campaign, will also develop.

Therefore, speaking on the shore, the best solution is to work on both content and advertising. But let’s imagine that everything is fine with your content and all that remains is to study advertising in more detail.

1. Non-working and outdated methods
Other articles are crammed with ways to increase volume. Although in reality they have not worked for a long time. Although they seem quite logical. But you and I know the truth. Not everything that is logical is workable.

– Catalogs
Directories are sites and channels within a telegram, their goal is to publish other channels. The point is for people to go to the resource, scroll through the list, select channels based on their interests and subscribe to them. Previously, when there were not many offers, this is what they did. But the situation has changed.

Now you need to add a channel to catalogs for the sole purpose of making yourself known in order to look for advertisers. The only resource you will need in this case is Tgstat. Otherwise, the catalogs are no longer of interest.

– Adding contacts from your phone
The method emerged from the theory of the first hundred subscribers (critical mass). This is the theory that no one will subscribe to an empty channel, they say it is not trustworthy. In fact, it doesn’t matter how many subscribers there are on the channel. Of course, a four or five digit number creates an effect. But in practice it doesn't solve anything. What matters is the first impression.

Interesting. When seeing unfamiliar information, the reader has two questions: “What is this?” and “Do I need this?” If you can close these questions, then no critical mass will be needed.

Besides, inviting people without their knowledge and consent is not comme il faut. This causes negativity, and it is quite justified. And if dissatisfied people click on the “Complain” button, the channel will most likely be banned. And that’s it, “there will be no cinema.”

But there is a solution - you can get your first subscribers through special services, my choice is BossLike.

– Word of mouth
It's amazing how many people write about this as if it's no big deal. Of course, you can insist and ask your friends to tell everyone about the channel, but this will be ineffective.

To be clear, word of mouth is an example of the highest quality content. If readers voluntarily talk about a channel, then the channel owner (or author) is a professional. This is difficult to achieve. Even creating viral material is not easy. Therefore, there is no point in relying on word of mouth; it is better to invest in advertising and get results.

– Crowd marketing
Or sowing information. Or spam via external resources. Or promotion in communities (all this through comments + links to the channel). It doesn't matter what you call it, it doesn't work. Neither if posted on a thematic website, nor on Facebook.

First, website visitors do not use Telegram very often. And such self-promotion looks unconvincing. An exception is if you yourself are an active participant in the site on which you post an advertisement about the channel. In this case, you can present the information natively: write an article or announce the creation of a channel and ask those who would be interested to subscribe.

Secondly, if you post a comment with your channel in Facebook groups created by enthusiasts, you will encounter the same problem as in the directories. That is, you won’t wait for the result.

– Spam
You can (but don’t need to) spam in two directions: in telegram chats and in personal messages. The method worked before, but now both Telegram and administrators in particular are struggling with such actions.

In most chats, you either generally cannot post links, or there is a bot that automatically deletes such messages. In addition, if a channel advertised in this way attracts attention, it will quickly be banned. Therefore, exclude this method.

What about “personal”? The average user will be unhappy when he receives a notification inviting him to subscribe to an unknown and suspicious channel. By the way, spam was once popular precisely in topics where there was solid clickbait, and there was rarely a conversation about decency. So quality channels have no way here.

– Promotion services
There is no service, software, promotion bot or program in the world that can only bring real people to the channel. Most of the “newbies” on your resource – oh no! - will turn out to be bots. The number in the subscriber line will increase, yes, but this will be of little use.

I don’t recommend using programs for promotion, but if you really want to create the appearance of active subscriptions or a herd effect (“Oh, 40 thousand subscribers – I’m with you!”), then try it.But again, rarely and in small ways. The algorithms will still notice you, but this way you will delay this moment.

2. Working and current methods
But here it gets more interesting. When we were sad and perhaps even cried a little, many methods of advertising in Telegram abandoned us. We can wholeheartedly accept already working, and most likely eternal, methods for promoting telegrams.

– Paid
Method 1. Advertising in channels

Timeless classic. This was done at the dawn of Telegram and will be done in the future. This method remains the most effective. Only by purchasing advertising can you raise a project to the mark of 20-30 thousand subscribers, if you purchase in channels exclusively on related topics. True, before doing this, you need to analyze the channel statistics. Either through services like tgstat (free) or Telemetr (paid), or request from channels.

Method 2. Target on Facebook

This method has an obvious advantage - the ability to regulate the price of attracting a subscriber. In the language of targetologists, this is called split testing: when, by launching several ad groups, it is revealed which of them gives greater results for less money.

To evaluate the benefits, let's simulate the situation. Let’s imagine a person who has set himself the goal of developing a marketing channel.

Goal: 10,000 subscribers.
Average price per subscriber: regular $0.15 target – $0.07.
Advertising expenses (not targeting): 10,000 x $0.15 = $1,500.
Spending on advertising (target): 10,000 x 0.07 = $700.

It sounds cool, but Target is not an easy thing. You need to understand the intricacies in order to get results and not blow your budget. Therefore, there are only two options: learn it yourself, or hire a knowledgeable person. I advise you to stick to traditional methods and take targeting as an additional discipline.

– Free
Method 1. Mutual PR

This is the use of internal Telegram resources. It's free, but not easy. The difficulty is finding a channel with give or take the same number of subscribers and reach. If you find such a channel, knock on the owner’s private message and negotiate cooperation. Most agree.

Just pay attention, mutual PR shows results at the initial development. When the channel is already developed and the number of subscribers exceeds 15-20 thousand, this method will not be of much use. Especially if you have chosen a narrow niche.

Method 2. Collections

A selection is a list with pre-agreed participants. A long post, in which there are links to channels in order with a brief description - what kind of channel it is and what it’s about. Collections are arranged both between channels of related topics and those far from each other. The principle is similar to mutual PR, but expanded.

The difficulty that you may encounter is bots - channels with a dead and fake audience included in the selection. Therefore, it is better to check your future neighbors in the selection for lice.

Collections can also be external. The principle is the same, but they are published outside of Telegram: on blogs, on media sites, forums, and so on. For example, in a blog about business there are articles in the spirit of “TOP 10 channels about business in Telegram.” You understand the meaning.

Lifehack. The best places in the selection are the first and last. Anything in the middle does not provide such conversion.

Method 3. Migration of audience from other resources

If you already have an audience, but on other platforms, use this. Of course, audience migration does not happen overnight. This is a gradual process. For this process to result in a result, synergy between resources is needed.

If you carefully read the article, then you already know that each resource has its own audience, interests and preferences. Therefore, declaring that the project will now be on Telegram is not enough. Give people a reason to read you there too. For example, publish more inside information on Telegram, tell us about yourself and the company. And in Telegram, remind them more often that you also post pictures on Instagram, for example.

Analyzing channels for advertising in Telegram is a broad topic; we’ll talk in more detail another time. For now, I’ll just outline the important points so that you don’t point your finger at the sky, but choose the most suitable channels for promotion.

  • Growth. Check the growth rate (how many subscribers came or left during the selected period of time). Buy from emerging channels that are also in the process of purchasing;
  • Mentions. See where the channel was advertised (can be done through analytics services): open the statistics, look at the list of mentions. Take the time to find out who mentions the channel and how often;
  • Involvement. This indicator (ERR) for channels should be above 20%. In general, the more, the better. This is an indicator of quality and a live audience;
  • Discount. Ask for a discount on advertising. Channel owners are ready to make small concessions. In this way, you will save a decent amount on volumes and can use it for development;
  • Tests. Prepare several advertising posts and test them to find the best one. This is commonly called an A/B test. YOU can use different text formulas and check which one suits your audience better;
  • Distribution. If you have a fixed budget, distribute it. Don't buy everything at once. Instead, make a list of channels, ask the owners about available dates and distribute advertising throughout the month.

When the channel reaches 2-3 thousand subscribers, it’s time to start monetizing it. Most channels make money solely by selling advertising. The reasons are different: for some this is enough, for others it is impossible to monetize the channel in any other way. For example, it will be strange for news channels to sell products, while the same marketing channel, in addition to advertising, can collaborate with online schools and sell information products.

But there is another important factor in keeping the channel afloat and its further development - reinvestment.

Once you gain a conditional ten thousand subscribers, and then the outflow of the audience will begin. And then you need to invest again (part of the income) in promotion, and reinvestment must be constant and sufficient. Then the channel will either maintain the bar or grow. The main thing is not to get blown away.

Optimal strategy: in the first two to three months, invest 100% of your income back into the development of the channel so that it gains momentum. In the future, you can act at your own discretion. But 25-50% of the income should go to reinvestment. Always. Otherwise the channel will roll down.

Instead of concluding and summing up (we’ll finally break this age-old tradition), we have collected for you 9 tips for promoting a channel in Telegram. Somewhat banal. But they are sooooo important that you can keep them for your entire life and keep them under your pillow.

1. Put content first and advertising second;
2. Do not invite people from your phone address book and do not spam - you will simply be banned;
3. Do not use promotion services - you will have to clean up the garbage yourself;
4. Don’t get carried away with crowd marketing, focus on effective methods;
5. Analyze channels before advertising, mutual PR or participation in the selection;
6. Always look for new ways to promote, test ideas;
7. Ask for a discount on advertising, this will save a lot of money on volumes;
8. Approach advertising strategically: distribute the budget, analyze the results;
9. Don’t forget about reinvestment - always set aside part of your income for further development.