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The New York Board of Elections found that long-dead voters who were once active members of the US Democratic Party "participated" in voting by mail. According to some Republican representatives, these cases are just the “tip of the iceberg.”

The Post has learned that the ballots were mailed to the New York Board of Election Accountants on behalf of deceased voters.

Records show the board of elections received an absentee ballot from Frances Reckhow of Staten Island, a registered Democratic Party member.

On Sept. 24, the Board of Auditors mailed the absentee ballot requested by Frances M. Reckhow of Bedell Avenue.

Reckhow allegedly mailed the ballot back on Oct. 6, and the Board of Auditors received it and declared it valid on Oct. 8, tracking records show.

But there's one problem: Frances Reckhow, born July 6, 1915, who would have turned 105 today, died in 2012, according to an obituary in the local Staten Island Advance newspaper.

Her daughter, Carol Huben - a registered member of the US Republican Party, according to voting records - lives at the same address as her late mother.

Huben did not respond to requests for comment sent by phone message. The Elections Commission said it would look into the matter.

An absentee ballot was also mailed in the name of Gertrude Nizzere, also a registered member of the Democratic Party, born February 7, 1919, who would have turned 101 years old.

The Board of Auditors reported that someone who identified herself as Gertrude Nizzer and lived at Shore Road in Brooklyn applied for an absentee ballot in September.

Records show Nizzer's ballot was mailed Oct. 9 and received by the Board of Auditors on Oct. 13, which declared it valid Oct. 25.

But after further review, that commission declared Nizzer's ballot "invalid" on Oct. 30 because it was determined the voter was "deceased."

The Staten Island Borough Republican Party, which scrutinizes absentee ballots, pointed out the two cases to the New York Post and is now referring the matter to police and Staten Island District Attorney Michael McMahon's office.

Similar results can be expected in the race for the congressional seat between Democratic Party's Max Rose and Republican Assemblywoman Nicole Malliotakis in the 11th Congressional District, which covers Staten Island and South Brooklyn. , including Rekhou and Nizzere addresses.

"People should be on their guard when the dead vote. There are people who use the names of dead voters to cast ballots,” said Staten Island Republican Party Chairman Brendan Lantry.

“I think this is just the tip of the iceberg,” Lantry said. “We are asking the NYPD and the Staten Island District Attorney's Office to investigate.”

Republicans discovered that Nizzere died on July 4, 2016, and is buried in Calverton Cemetery.

Filling out a ballot in the name of a deceased person is fraudulent and has led to prosecutions in other places, including recently on Long Island, where a voter was charged with fraud for using his deceased mother's name on an absentee ballot.

The Elections Commission said it was looking into the matter. Absentee ballots are counted in New York up to six days after Election Day.

President Trump has expressed concerns about the mail-in voting process, including after the New York City Board of Elections was forced to resend nearly 100,000 absentee ballots to voters in Brooklyn after a supplier provided envelopes with incorrect return addresses , where the names of other people were indicated.

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