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Why Twitter and why is it so good? A good Twitter page is passive income. What does it consist of? You can sell "hidden PR" accounts. It's quite simple. There is a regulation in place, according to which the price for PR constantly varies. And it doesn't matter if it's an NFT page or tips on "how to build your own business."

The cost for one month is approximately $200, and your work will include reposting/retweeting tweets or joint tweets, just a few times a week. Get 5 people involved, and you'll earn $1,000 per month. Too simple, you think?

It will all be simple when you achieve the point where you can afford it. It's worth putting in enough effort to start consistently monetizing your Twitter.

List of possible monetization methods:

  • []Selling PR through retweets or joint tweets.
    []Paid comments.
    []Paid Spaces.
    []Creating paid chats with active users.
    []Getting whitelists in Tier 1 projects with an increased chance.
    []Getting whitelists in Tier 2 and lower projects with a 99% chance.
    []Project advertising (it's best to use this if you already have a large and active audience and only promote quality projects, but I'm against this type of advertising as it damages your reputation).
    []The connections you make can change your life. Whether you're an artist or a coder, good connections will open doors to a vast and promising future.

And this is only the monetization that I'm aware of. As you grow, I'm confident that more methods will emerge, possibly even more profitable ones.

Account Creation​

As known, in some countries, there are issues with creating an account, specifically due to mobile operator bans. This problem can be solved by obtaining a SIM card from outside the CIS. If you are going to buy a SIM card, make sure it's from a non-CIS country, as it's all because of Twitter's policies. I think that's clear.

What to do if you don't have this option?

In this case, you can use the service, where you can rent a number from the Netherlands or the United Kingdom.

The cost of this service is €15 per month, and you can top up in cryptocurrency. It's better to top up with a small reserve.

The service has been working for a while and has good reviews; some acquaintances of mine use it. Keep in mind that if the service stops working, you will need to change the number in Twitter, and in that case, SMS will be sent to the new number. In the worst case, contact Twitter's support; they respond slowly but will help if you haven't violated any rules (bot activity, artificial growth).
Netherlands or the United Kingdom?

Proxy/VPN and the country in your Twitter account settings should match the country of your phone number to avoid algorithm conflicts.

The United Kingdom has an advantage in the form of a Twitter Blue subscription (where you can use NFTs as avatars). Learn more at

Create your account using your email, and then link your phone number.

Let's talk about verification marks right away.

The blue checkmark
, also known as a Twitter Blue subscription, is available in some countries. It's a kind of PRO subscription with good advantages, but you'll need them at a later stage.


The gold checkmark is the updated blue checkmark, which is possessed by verified Twitter accounts. Such accounts have a square profile picture.


First Steps​

Profile Picture, Banner, Bio

This is a very important part and the first thing a potential follower will look at in the early stages. You should match the style, and everything should be harmonious.

Choose a Theme for Your Page

It's ideal to buy NFTs (the reasons for buying will be explained further). Yes, you'll have to spend a little. Choose an inexpensive NFT (or not) with an active community and tailor your page's style to it. In the early stages, an active community can significantly boost your account, and they might become your fans in the future.

Below, I will provide examples of what I consider beautiful designs:






First Activity

I would advise against overloading the algorithms and making them think our new account is a bot. So, in the first day, follow your favorite influencers, friends, and colleagues, and ask them to follow you back.

No more than 50 follows, 20 likes, and 20 comments on the first day. You'll need to make a bit more effort for a few more days for Twitter to realize you're not a bot.

I would recommend continuing to follow more than 50 people per day for the next 3 days and making no more than 50 comments and 20 likes. Keep in mind that your account is currently at risk, and all actions should be measured. Follow/like/comment without rushing.

Getting Started

The initial goal is to reach 200 followers, at which point your account will start to look more legitimate. I don't recommend using follower boosting as it will raise red flags.

Here are your actions:

  • []Write a tweet about being a newcomer to Web3 Twitter, wanting to grow your account, provide valuable information, and join the community. If you bought an NFT, attach it to this tweet and mention that you've joined this community.
    []Write several tweets based on the chosen theme. At this stage, I wouldn't recommend writing threads; you can save them for building your audience later.
    []If you bought an NFT, promote yourself and your new Twitter account in the project's Discord. If not, skip this step.
    []In the Twitter search bar, type "NO ACCOUNT SHOULD HAVE LESS" and select recent posts, up to 18 hours from the post time. Comment on them and wait. You can also follow the author if they have an adequate profile. At this stage, you'll have to follow everyone back.
  • Follow this list (ideally, put a "?" in your username, at least temporarily), and people will periodically start following you.
Now, take a short break and see how many followers you can gather using this method. In parallel, you can try negotiating in private messages with people from chat groups for mutual follows:

Follow reasonable accounts; there's no need to inflate your followers with bots that will later unfollow you.

GM or Good Morning!

Prime time for GM messages is:

11:00 AM - 2:00 PM MSK

4:00 PM - 7:00 PM MSK

I'm not sure about late-night prime times.

The boundaries are quite blurry, but more GM tweets are usually posted in this timeframe.

Create your attractive GM tweet and go to

Follow this list, and then there are two options:

  • []If you're using a phone, simply visit each page and tweet GM.
    []If you're on a PC/laptop, visit Add a column for the GM list you just followed and follow the instructions below:

If your TweetDeck looks different, use this guide:

This way, your feed will only show original posts from this list containing the word GM.

Respond to these posts and follow those who follow you back, and, of course, follow those whose content you like.


  • []Don't use emojis; you can only use them sparingly. Twitter algorithms are sensitive to excessive use of emojis, and it can get you banned for spam.
    []Don't write many identical messages in a row. Use "GM + name. The text you want" or just "GM + name."
If you've done everything correctly, you should have 300+ followers in 3-4 days. Below, we'll discuss the importance of algorithms, bans, and further development.

Twitter Bans​

There are several ways to get banned on Twitter.

The most common one is "Shadowban":

  • []Your account is not visible in search results.
    []You're restricted in actions; you can't like, follow, or reply too much.
  • Both of the above.

To avoid a shadowban, don't make more than 400 replies per day, don't like too many tweets at once, don't write identical messages, and avoid using emojis.

As your account grows, you can increase the number of replies, but I recommend not exceeding 1000.

Also, it's essential not to follow/unfollow more than 250 people per day, and don't unfollow accounts you've followed for less than a week.

Throughout the day, I recommend periodically using or to check for any restrictions.

If you have a Search Suggestion Ban, it's not severe and will go away on its own within 1-7 days. You can try to remove it forcibly by making your account private for 8 hours. However, this might be problematic for us as we're building up Twitter.

If you have Reply Deboosting and doesn't show which replies Twitter doesn't like, it means that you're shadowbanned, and it's advisable to stop all activity temporarily.


The account is temporarily suspended.

Account Verification and Suspensions​

You may be required to go through verification, which could involve a captcha or SMS verification.

If you encounter an error while sending an SMS or don't receive SMS, you should contact Twitter support. This typically takes 3-4 days, and then you should be able to send SMS or receive them.

It's important that you receive an email confirming that your request has been received.

Account Suspension

If your account is suspended, you have somehow violated Twitter's rules.

The only way to resolve this is through Twitter support, and it may take around 7-90 days to get a response.

I recommend never being rude, making comments about religion or nationality, and so on. Your comment won't change anyone's fate, but a complaint could lead to your account being blocked, possibly permanently.

If you follow the rules correctly and carefully, your chances of getting banned are less than 1%.

Twitter Algorithms​

Twitter algorithms are what promote your account in recommendations, search results, and displayed responses.

If you're active every day, you boost your algorithms daily. If you're active for a month, you can maintain your activity without much effort, and the algorithms will favor you.

Always tweet at the same time, try to be active at the same time each day. The result doesn't depend on a huge amount of activity but on consistent activity at the same time every day.

If you follow all the rules, your account will appear in the top results, and as your account grows, you'll maintain your position in the top.

There won't be a person with 200 followers suddenly trending and staying there for a month; for their account, it might be just a couple of hours. For an account with 2000 followers, it might last a week. This is why I mentioned earlier that you should save your top thoughts for threads in the later stages.

Continuing Account Development​

Now you have a choice in how you want to develop your account:

  • []Attracting followers through content. In this case, you follow back only interesting accounts and continue to post GM daily. Your audience will start coming to you eventually. This can start with 500 or 5000 followers. It's a long and challenging path, and you'll have to provide high-quality, interesting, and unique content to maximize your audience's impact since they will be genuinely interested in your content.
    []Daily GM, daily content (although not as strong as GM, but tweets other than GM are still necessary). Every day, you search for new accounts to follow. You'll have to follow many people first, reply to many people first. You'll be like a hungry wolf roaming Twitter in search of new followers. This path is much easier, but the challenges will arise closer to 5000 followers, as there will be fewer people interested in following you since most active users will already be following you.

Attracting Followers through Content​

In this case, you'll need to actively engage with important people on Twitter, founders of projects, employees of funds, analysts, etc. These people can significantly influence the growth of your account if they engage with you frequently. Of course, if they follow you, that's a huge plus. Followers acquired through GM posts without reciprocating followbacks will often unfollow you.

Remember to stay within the algorithms to have your tweets promoted.

The Path of a True Replyguy and GMer

A Replyguy is a Twitter grinder, someone who responds to every post, who's always everywhere, and doesn't miss any opportunity to engage.

A GMer – I believe it's clear who they are, but here's one important fact: not all GMers are Replyguys, but all Replyguys are GMers.

The essence of your path is to post a GM tweet and go to to reply to everyone and follow first. Over time, you'll build an audience that starts responding to you first, adding you to their lists. You should do the same, compiling a list of accounts you like and start responding to them first. Follow influencers, turn on notifications, and always respond constructively to those you want to follow you. Make several tweets a day according to your chosen theme. If you repost content, try to keep it to a minimum and avoid participating in contests from your primary account. There can be exceptions, but remember to clean your page of such content.

As you become more active, you may get invited to chats where people engage with each other's tweets. Don't think it's a jackpot; often, the same people are in all these chats, and there's very little activity. Chats provide a maximum of 20% impact on tweets. However, it's in these chats where you can meet interesting people.

Don't forget to engage with people from the NFT community you've chosen. My recommendation is "The Plague," but just having a frog avatar without buying an NFT might not bring you maximum benefit or any benefit at all.

The higher the quality of your daily activity, the faster you'll grow. Closer to 2,000-3,000 followers, start posting the content you'd like to post in the future, something you're good at. Be interesting. Write beautifully, keep it concise, so it doesn't look like a byte.

99% of your tweets and threads won't bring you anything, and only 1% of your content will do all the work. Remember this.

Why Write GM Posts? How to Understand What's Good Activity? Who to Follow? What to Strive For? Who to Reply To?​

GM Tweet

This is a unique way to introduce yourself on Twitter. A lot of people come through these posts, and if you have good engagement on such a post, many will want to follow you for sure.

Activity and Followers​

Good activity is considered when a GM tweet with 1000 followers gets 200+ likes. If you see this, it means the person is doing everything right, and it's worth following them.

Currently, top-level activity on GM tweets receives 700-1000 likes, and these accounts have 15,000-20,000 followers.

Your Goals

500 followers: GM tweet - 100 likes, thread/tweet - 20-30 likes.
1000 followers: GM tweet - 200 likes, thread/tweet - 30-40 likes.
2000 followers: GM tweet - 300 likes, thread/tweet - 40-60 likes.
3000 followers: GM tweet - 350 likes, thread/tweet - 60-80 likes.

These are ideal benchmarks, and they don't grow exponentially because not all the followers who come to you are active, and not all your followers are active every day.

As you continue to gain followers, you don't need to place excessive emphasis on likes. Ideal engagement with 3000 followers also looks good at 10,000 followers. It's just your reference point.

Replies or Replies

If you write a tweet where you mention a project or influencer and want them to notice you, always reply to these replies – ALWAYS. Each response in this case tags everyone who is in the main tweet. The exceptions are if you uncheck the box when replying, but very few people do that.

You should also respond to the people you are interested in following (I've already talked about this). Your responses should be constructive and interesting because you wouldn't engage with an uninteresting person in a chat or in real life. In this regard, Twitter is no different.

Be interesting even with ordinary people, as they can show interest in your tweets.

Always check your GM post and the hidden comments on it. Not everything appears in notifications, so reply to everyone and like their responses. If someone took the time to reply to you, don't they deserve a response?

When someone writes a GM to you, first visit their page and write a GM to them, and then respond to their reply to you. The same goes for other replies – if someone replied to your tweet, take the time to check what's on their page, at least give them a like, and even better, give them a reply. Responses expand boundaries. Your account can be noticed anywhere. Fill Twitter with your presence; it's in your best interests.

Useful Tools​

Buying NFT or NFT Inspect
When you set an NFT as your avatar, this tool allows you to get a link to it and see all the actions, as well as other accounts with the same avatar. I've read many conversations where people were mocking fake NFT holders in holder chats. Don't try to be smarter. Don't write about purchases you didn't make. In the future, this could seriously harm your reputation.

Make sure to use the tool for checking the followers' account growth. If an account gains 20-30-40-50 thousand followers in a week, it's not normal (more on such accounts in the section below). Exclude project accounts from this analysis.

You can also track your account's rank using this tool.

The ideal Global Reach indicator is above 2%.


If you manage to maintain a 4% or lower activity while still keeping your Global Reach at 2%, followers will come on their own, based on recommendations and algorithms of various tools. Yes, there are tools that recommend following specific people, and many people use them.


Your primary tool for checking account ratings. The higher the account rating, the more influential it is. Don't immediately follow an account with many followers. Check it here and with the tool mentioned above.

Who unfollowed

This is your free dashboard that shows both new followers and unfollowers. It's intuitive and shows most users. You can use it to track those who have been shadowbanned. Don't unfollow these accounts; they will have 0 followers, and they will usually recover within 2-4 hours after a shadowban. This is part of Twitter's mechanics.


This tool provides you with statistics on interactions with your account, including information about your tweets, views, and much more. Use it to analyze your tweets, and you'll be able to understand what people liked or disliked the most in a visually convenient format.



This tool can be your friend, brother, and accomplice for writing threads. It offers an intuitive interface, and if you accidentally close a tab, your thread will be saved. It includes a built-in image editor, and you can see how your tweet will look immediately. There are both free and paid versions with AI assistance. You can also schedule tweets using this tool.


An artificial intelligence tool that can help simplify your thoughts and make your text more readable and enjoyable. It's invaluable for content creators who work with text-heavy content.


One of the best analytical tools that offers an extensive range of functions. Check out the Plans tab to see what it can do. The Silver version provides the most benefits, but it comes at a cost. However, the free functions are also useful, so don't skip them.


After numerous tests, it has been determined that this tool is the best for checking for bots. Due to changes in Twitter's algorithms with Elon Musk's arrival, no other service can correctly display data. Other services are influenced by accounts that have been shadowbanned (they are labeled as bots). Even one account with a significant number of genuine followers, once followed by a large number of good followers, can completely ruin all the statistics. If such an account appears, the accurate number of followers is not displayed. Don't keep this extension installed, download it, check, and then delete it.

Degen Deeds

A dashboard for top GMers, and you can also track your daily GM message count.

List of Influencers

This list may be outdated, but it contains many interesting personalities.

Guides on Writing Threads

Media - create beautiful thumbnails in a couple of clicks. - this translator should be installed by everyone. - for GIFs. - meme generator. or - can be used as content generators.


Twitter is also filled with scams. Do not open links unless you are sure of their source, especially if they are sent via DM.

Keep your DMs open. Without an open DM, you cannot be invited to chats. Invitations can be sent without asking.

Don't rush into all partnership offers, especially if the terms seem too good to be true. Always double-check everything.

The Three Horsemen of the Apocalypse


You will encounter many of these likes on your journey and may even receive subscriptions from them. These are bots that farm followers, and they often have quite a few of them. Check the account using TweetScout and NFT Inspect. Do not subscribe in response to such accounts; they often appear out of nowhere and then disappear. They are also frequently involved in scam projects.


This article is composed of the best insights from my experience on Twitter. Everything written here has the maximum impact at the moment. It may be updated in the future, or a new edition might be released if I learn a lot of new information to share.

You can do it! May the great Twitter algorithms be with you.