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To work you will need a dating site

In the questionnaire we indicate age - less than 16 years. We take photos of the child (ordinary ones) and begin to keep a diary and be active in every possible way.

Our victims are starting to write to us in PM. We communicate like a stupid child, we make mistakes in words, etc.

Many offer a real meeting, we try to set him up for a virtual meeting on Skype. If it didn’t work out, we ask for his candid photos.

Next, we find out the victim’s IP address and use the website (not advertising)

Create an IPLOGGER link. We paste your URL into the text field, to which a special IPLOGGER link will redirect, and then click on the “Generate” button. Next we shorten the link.

In dialogue with this finished person, please follow his link. If you have passed, then consider that you have his IP. You can search for the victim on social networks; in the profile on Space they often have a real date of birth, city and name. Using this data, finding a person will not be difficult.

On Skype using a webcam emulator (I use ManyCam) - (not advertising) we show him a video with some young girl.

At this time we are recording him on video, we only need a couple of minutes, just let him show us his organ. We hang up on Skype, making the excuse that my mother has returned from work.

Mom “writes” to the victim

Alina’s mother is writing to you. You can block me, but I won’t get away from you! I suspected for a long time that my son was stealing my money and playing with it on the Internet, so I installed a spyware on his computer. Today what I saw simply shocked me; I was hysterical for 4 hours. I wrote a statement to the police and will take it to the investigator tomorrow!

We write to him what kind of pussy came for him, send off his IP, location and full name.

You know what to do next.

We tell him that he is very lucky, that we have a difficult financial situation, and now we are ready to turn a blind eye to this for a certain amount.