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I think everyone already knows about many ways to earn money on YouTube traffic. People who don't want to sit idle send traffic to file-sharing sites with pay-per-download, and those who crave extreme experiences join a team and play with stealers. Here, I will tell you about a new site where you can send traffic. It's the aggressive link shortener Linkify, which bombards visitors with a variety of advertising offers but also pays well (more on that later). Even though the user will experience a lot of advertising, they will still achieve their goal (clicking on the shortened link). You can combine the link shortener with file-sharing and a link to a stealer (which I disapprove of!). Register on the site, go to the "Links" section, and simply shorten your link. If you're going to target users looking to download files (e.g., cheats, games, etc.), choose the advanced monetization method, which includes an additional APK/EXE offer (not a stealer).

Now, let's move on to the ways of earning money. I'll tell you right away, some of this is copied, and I've added my recommendations (and even wrote some of it myself).


1. Traffic from TikTok​

1. Introduction. The idea here is that we will use TikTok to attract kids to cheats. But there are some tricks, which I'll explain. To insert a link starting from January 20th, you need to have 1,000 followers; without that, no business accounts will work. You can either gain followers or buy an account. On average, it will cost you around a hundred bucks, but you won't lose the account; I'll explain why later. For TikTok, we will, of course, record mobile games. The most popular ones are Brawl Stars, Roblox, Standoff 2, Free Fire, and PUBG.
1.2. Account Preparation. For the start, we need two accounts. The first one has 1,000 followers, and we will put a link in it (Edit profile -> Website) from fcdlink, and we won't touch it further. Just remember its username. Then, register a second clean account where we will upload videos.

1.3. Where will we get videos? You can either download various mods and record them yourself or grab videos from YouTube and trim them while uploading to TikTok.

1.4. Warming up the account before publishing videos. I recommend watching TikTok for about 15 minutes on the second account to humanize your account. You can also follow similar TikTokers who create cheats for games. After the warming up, take an hour break and then publish the video.

1.5. Video Publication. I recommend not publishing long videos. You can split one YouTube video into several TikToks. Just 15 seconds with an impressive demonstration of the cheat will be enough. Using TikTok's built-in video editor, write "Cheat in the description." In the description, include "Link to the cheat in the profile description of @{username of the first account with a link}," and also add a couple of hashtags (e.g., #standoff2 #standoff2cheats). Overlay some trendy music, and you're ready to upload! The first views will come in a couple of hours. The video can either skyrocket with 10k+ views or get nothing at all. You can also duplicate the video by changing the filter through TikTok's built-in editor and creating multiple channels.

1.6. Conclusion. This approach is much easier than dealing with YouTube but can also be profitable. A video with 5k views usually brings in around $3-5, and you can have dozens of such videos in a day; it all depends on you. We won't publish videos on the first account to avoid it getting banned. It can happen, but it's rare.


2.1. Traffic from YouTube​

I believe this method is already familiar to everyone, so let's not dwell on it for too long and get straight to the point. You publish a video with a cheat for some popular online game, such as Fortnite. You can also download the video from YouTube, do some editing (add an intro, watermark, filter, trim), and upload it to your channel. It's preferable to have around 1,000 subscribers for a good start. Create the thumbnail yourself if possible, but if you don't have any Photoshop skills, you can download someone else's thumbnail at thumbnailsave.com by inserting the link to the video where the required thumbnail is set. Video metadata is crucial for your video to appear in searches, recommendations, etc. In the title of the cheats, write the name of the game, the cheat's features, and "download." Foreign games pay better, and both mobile and regular games work. If I were making a cheat for Standoff 2, I'd title the video "STANDOFF 2 NEW CHEAT 2022 || AIM, ESP, SKINCHANGER || DOWNLOAD CHEATS FOR STANDOFF 2." You can experiment with this stuff. Tags are simple: take a newly popular video of a similar cheat format for the same game, copy the link, paste it into tuberanker.com, and the site will provide you with the used tags. Copy them and paste them into your video. You can set tags, thumbnails, and other data in the creative studio in the phone app and on the website studio.youtube.com, but I still recommend uploading videos on the website's PC version. If you don't have a PC, you can enable this function in your browser and upload through your phone. Our target audience is school kids. I recommend picking games like bubble kvass, Standoff 2, Free Fire, Fortnite, CS:GO, and other similar stuff. In the description, add a shortened Linkify link to another site for monetization (I recommend file-sharing sites like File-Mix or VexFile), stealers (I disapprove but do not recommend...), and thus increase your income. Or if you're feeling generous, you can provide a link to a real cheat that you downloaded somewhere. As for boosting views and likes, it's a bit ambiguous for me. Sometimes it simply had no effect, and other times it helped. If you're going to do a view boost, I recommend 2k views and 100 likes on prskill.ru. From one video with a combo of file-sharing sites, you can earn up to 2k in a week, and imagine having many of these videos.


2.2. Traffic from YTShorts (NEW)​

YouTube Shorts, similar to TikTok, has recently appeared on YouTube. You can work on it the same way you do on TikTok. If done correctly, you can earn much more than with TikTok, plus you won't have the hassle of inserting links. Just place the link either in the comments or the description, or even in both places. You can create videos not only about cheats. For example, take or steal a moment from a movie and craft a title to make the viewer click. For instance, "Left the local troublemaker without a finger" or "The phone shows all the ghosts." You need to put effort into this, as you have to find such moments that genuinely interest the user and make them motivated to watch the movie. But believe me, it's worth it.


3. Slaves from Clicks​

(I do not guarantee the accounts on the site; they may reject the payout for clicks) This is simple but requires initial minimal investment. Here's how it works: create a post on telegra.ph, enter a single-word title, copy the link to the post, shorten it through fcdlink, select the first monetization method (or the third to avoid complaints about aggressive advertising from the clickers). Then go to some service like socpublic or seosprint, top up your balance, create a task like "need to pass a verification 'I'm not a robot,' and click the link." In the question, specify what is written in the post's title.

4. Referral System​

The site offers 20% of the earnings of referred users. This means, for example, if someone registers through your referral link and withdraws $10 they earned on the site, you'll also receive $2 in your balance. It's up to your desire and imagination here. You can promote your links on forums, social media, and more.

Summary and Earnings​

Then, you can withdraw the earnings to your Qiwi wallet, and here's a screenshot of my last payout:


This type of activity is best suited for school kids looking to donate to Bubble Kvass, but if you know how to efficiently work with traffic, you can make up to $1,000 per month. In my comparisons, this site pays much more than the file-sharing services we all love, which take 99% of your earnings. On average, I earn no less than 5,000 Russian rubles per week on the site. There are good and bad days, sometimes even making 10,000 in a day. In general, it all depends on you. Good luck!