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In any system, action is always equal to reaction. This way the systems are in balance. With the same force you press on the wall, with the same force the wall presses on you. Everything is simple here.

If we recall the proposal of American congressmen to make anonymous autonomous Bitcoin wallets illegal, then as a result, the taproot update adds anonymity to Bitcoin wallets and transactions.

A month ago, the European Commission announced a planned ban on the use of anonymous transactions in cryptocurrencies in the EU. New regulatory rules will require companies that transfer bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies to collect data on senders and recipients, which must include the customer's name, address, date of birth and bank account number. And all this, of course, is for our benefit and supposedly for protection from terrorists and for the sake of combating money laundering.

And now the Monero project has announced that atomic swaps on Bitcoin (BTC) monero (XMR) are now available through an implementation created by the COMIT network. The announcement was written by Monero developer Erdziccione, who explains that “the atomic swap implementation developed by the COMIT team is mature enough to be used on the Monero network.”

The message provides complete instructions on how this can be done. The announcement states that the protocol operates over the Tor network, so users can enjoy complete privacy during the exchange operation.

The first exchanges took place with a commission of 20%, which is comparable to the commission of cryptocurrency ATMs, but now three more players have entered the liquidity market and commissions have dropped to 5%.

For those who don’t know, atomic swaps BTC-XMR on the TOR network are a completely anonymous over-the-counter exchange of Bitcoin to Monero and back, without the participation of a third party, without the need to trust anyone and without withdrawing cryptocurrency from your wallet before the transaction.

Since the beginning of the year when this feature was announced, Monero has increased in value by 226%, and in the last month alone, XMR is up 42%. As the exchange protocol improves and more liquidity providers become available, fees will drop to less than 1%. And after such an exchange of bitcoins for monero, not a single three-letter intelligence service will be able to de-anonymize the participants in the transaction and determine the direction of movement of cryptocurrencies.

While the European Union approves its new, impossible rules for working with cryptocurrencies, requiring Bitcoin owners to have an address, date of birth and bank account number, which according to the regulations will take two years, Bitcoin will become invisible, crypto exchanges will be unnecessary, and anonymity will be bulletproof.

And EU officials will start inventing new meaningless and impracticable measures against cryptocurrency owners. For example, it is prohibited to wear T-shirts with the image of the Monero logo, and the pronunciation of the words Monero or Bitcoin in a telephone conversation will be equated to extremism and terrorism with mandatory subsequent criminal liability with the confiscation of the seed phrase from the head of the defendants.