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Where to Start?

First, let's take a look at the tools and services we'll be working with:

1. PerfluenceCLICK (f2ca7f47230e - this promo code will give you additional perks on the service) ← On this service, you'll find products that you can use as an affiliate program and earn from each completed offer:


2. ApiHostCLICK ← a service that allows you to voice a video based on the text you've written:

3. Movavi (or any other video editor) → CLICK ← You must have software for creating and editing videos:


When creating videos for YouTube, you should use various colorful backgrounds and stylish fonts that are available in most programs, as well as various product images (chosen from your selected offers). You can easily obtain these images from the offer descriptions on LeadGid or in the public domain on the internet.

Once you've completed your preparations (created a channel, designed it, and downloaded the necessary software) and selected an offer for your first video, you need to register on PerfluenceCLICK (f2ca7f47230e) ←. Then, set up the chosen offer and wait for your channel to be approved by the affiliate program managers.

After approval, you can proceed to create videos with voiceovers (which you can do with ApiHostCLICK ←). Over time, your videos will start getting recommended to users, and you'll begin to receive your first payouts.

The titles of your videos should be as clickable as possible (you can find examples online), and you should include terms like "easy money," "10$ in 5 minutes," "earning in 2023," "50$ to your card," and the like.

Don't underestimate vertical videos on YouTube Shorts; they can help you get more views and redirect traffic to your main channel. Additionally, it's more convenient to inform users about a banking promotion in this format. In the descriptions of vertical videos, you should also attach your referral link.

Some Useful Tips for More Effective Subscriber Attraction and Increased Views:

1. Create as many videos as possible for YouTube Shorts to gain your first subscribers.

2. Design your video thumbnails beautifully to entice users to click on your video.

3. Provide a detailed description and add hashtags.

That's about it. This way, you can generate a stable income without any investments. Even if your video is viewed by 500 to 1000 people, most likely, at least one will order a card, and you'll receive between 15 to 30$ in your affiliate program account.