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Basic security measures;

Several VK/Telegram accounts;

A phone with Brawl Stars or an emulator on a PC;

A FunPay account (optional);

4.1 You can also use Avito/OLX and similar platforms;


The Essence​

Once you have prepared everything and chosen a platform, you can proceed. However, before doing so, you need to create two accounts:

One from which you will contact the seller;

The second, which will act as our "escrow."

We act as the escrow from the second account ourselves or ask a friend to do it.

So when you have all this, you search for a suitable account in the game and send the owner a message similar to the following:

Hello, I'd like to purchase your account, but I have one condition. We will work with an escrow. I happen to have a good escrow who won't scam you.

Here's an important note. You should adjust your writing style to match the account owner's because some people write with a lot of mistakes. We need to build rapport with them. You can find escrows practically anywhere; they are really everywhere.

Next, if our target is willing to cooperate with us and our fake escrow, we move them to the platform where we will work.

I worked on Telegram because it generates more trust among schoolchildren.

Next, create a chat and add the victim and our fake escrow. Now, from the "escrow" account, send something like the following:

Here are my terms. First, the buyer sends me the money and provides the payment receipt, then the seller transfers the account to me, after which they receive the money, and I give the account to the buyer.

Is everyone in agreement?

When the response is "Yes," we fabricate a payment receipt.

Send a screenshot to the chat and write that we have fulfilled all our conditions. Now ask the seller to provide the account information in a private message to the "escrow" or in the chat (it doesn't matter).

Also, ask the "escrow" to confirm receiving the money.

After you have access to the victim's email and change the password, along with any associated information (if applicable). Then, log out of the email on the victim's phone (if you don't know how, there are tutorials on YouTube).

Then block the victim's account.

After you've completed all the steps, you can list the account on FunPay or any other platform. Sell it and receive the money.