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Let's Begin​

First, let's decide what we want to do:

1.0) We want to create a channel with pronom in Telegram


What we need for the initial setup: A bit of money (you can't do without it) \ A Telegram channel (preferably already with some content) \ A Discord server

If you have all of this, you can start.


The very first and most important thing to do is to design and set up your Discord server to make it look awesome; it's almost the most important aspect of this scheme. And, most importantly, everything should be in ENGLISH, we are not interested in the CIS at all. After our server looks great, and we see one participant, the most interesting part begins.


We buy (or find a free one) any Discord spammer.

I personally recommend getting a spammer that can parse members from other servers and then spam them based on that list.


Next, find what we want to spam; these could be any tokens you can find or purchase in account shops in the format log:pass:token. Once everything is ready, we start parsing according to our target audience and then launch spam using our fresh database, observing how the number of our members approaches 1-2k within a couple of days.


I haven't been involved with my server for a long time, so the number of members has remained the same for a month and slightly grows by 5-10 members per week.


While our server is growing on its own, we must never forget about content on the server. We monitor it every 2-3 hours. It's essential to keep doing something on the server and avoid posting so that the server remains content-free for at least one day. We need to warm people up for the transition to Telegram.


After our server has grown to about 5k members, we can attract them to our Telegram channel. I did this using links or a channel with "announcements" (you'll learn a bit more about links later, but you might not need it). I think I can conclude the 1.0 scheme; it's straightforward and common, and there's almost nothing new in it. However, you may find some interesting points for yourself.

2.0) We want to create a channel with leaks (onlyfans models, etc.) in Telegram


This scheme requires a bit more effort than the first one. The very first thing we need is this website: link. However, we won't need it for now, so let's move on.


First, we do the same thing: register your server on Discord. VERY IMPORTANT: don't write "LEAK ONLYFANS SERVER" directly, or your server and Discord account will get banned within a day or even sooner. By the way, I lost five accounts and servers with 5k members each this way. Now you might ask how to deal with leaks (or give them away for free) without getting banned, and I'll tell you that it's very easy.


Now, we've registered our server and set it up. The most crucial thing is to fill it with content from your leaks - videos, photos, etc. But never mention that it's someone else's leak, and remove the OnlyFans watermark from photos and videos, if possible (I haven't been banned for that, but it's a precaution for the cautious).


Next, we go to our spammer and do the same thing I explained in the first scheme, which is 1.1 / 1.2 / 1.3.


While our server is growing, we prepare our Telegram channel and upload 1-2 photos/videos per post. We will need the website from section 2.1 now.


Register on that website and then go to pastebin or justpaste, whichever is more convenient for you (I personally used justpaste). Upload your leaks there, and most importantly, remove all possible links to our channels/servers, etc., beneath the link.


Press the magical "Publish" button, grab the link to our post, and add it to our magical website. I'll show you step by step what to click and how to do it best in the spoiler below.

Add our link.


Write a catchy title.


Create an equally catchy link shortcut.



Create a catchy title for our post and a description (I always included links to all my services in the description; you can do it however you like, even use tags).



The most important thing is to tick the checkboxes everywhere (but my last one is not active; you may wonder why. I answer that it's useless, repels people, and only works for mobile phones. They pay a lot, but the effort and time won't pay off for us, so we skip this).


Done, we've created many links (about 10) and uploaded everything to Telegram. Next, go to our Discord server, post 1-2 photos/videos in the channels where you previously posted videos, etc., and write "@ everyone we have a new TG channel with leaked, go there faster" or something similar, but it's better not to use the words "leak" or "leaked."

Wait for the first conversions and earn your money. I've attached the payout details in the spoiler below (I was actively involved in this for a maximum of a month in JUNE).



With this method, we seem to have finished; if there are any minor details left, I will definitely add them.

3.0) We want to create a fake channel for some "onlyfans girls"


This is ridiculously simple. We can combine this scheme with the two previous ones.

The first thing we need for this: Create a Telegram channel \ Create an Instagram account \ Create a Discord server (here you decide for yourself; you can create a server with pronom \ leaks, etc., or you can create a fake server for your model).

Super important note: Don't choose an incredibly popular model; go for a Russian homeless girl with a maximum of 10k followers, wherever you find her (Twitter \ Inst). If you choose a super popular chick, your business will end before it even starts. If you don't know where to find a model, go to the forum forum.sexy-egirls.com, where they post leaks every day, from the most popular to full no-name chicks. It's super easy to get access to it.

After creating and setting up all of this, we can register our store here (sellix.io). You won't have to interact with jerk-offs, and it's just more convenient. Most importantly, you must have PayPal. If you don't have it, you might as well not start this scheme.


So, I've covered everything that needs to be created and set up. After that, we perform the same actions with spamming Discord server members. We post photos/videos on the server, not too frequently, but not too rarely. You need to find the golden mean. However, if you have "unlimited" photos of your model, you can post a lot of them, but not every hour, as it will raise suspicions among jerk-offs.


Now that we've built our Discord audience, the next step is to transfer them to our Telegram channel. Don't forget that you can combine these three schemes into ONE HUGE scheme and earn three times more money than if you did only one.


After the first 100 subscribers to your fake Telegram channel, you can start letting your jerk-offs know they can buy access to your private channel.

The best way is to actually make this private channel and post some exclusive photos/videos there. If you just rip off your jerk-offs for access to your private content, you'll make 100 times less $$$.

So, create a private channel (and it's better to post photos there at a somewhat reasonable interval). Set a one-time entrance fee instead of a monthly subscription. If you set a monthly subscription, you'll earn less money.




Don't forget to maintain our Instagram. In the ideal scenario, the model should have a not very popular TikTok, as you can directly lure the TikTok audience into our Telegram channel. There's nothing difficult here. Download photos from the model's Instagram and post them on yours. Do the same for TikTok (I assume you know how to download without a watermark; if not, here's a link to the service: https://ssstik.io).


In principle, we don't need to do anything else except keep all social media active and monitor them. Continue to spam Discord members, even if we have fewer than 5,000 members. Keep making TikToks. And it's important not to register TikToks from your own IP; I don't recommend doing it yourself. The target audience will be from the CIS, and we don't need this target audience. Oh, and one of the important things, just almost forgot: look for other channels of less popular models and do business with them. When your channel/server/Instagram/TikTok becomes moderately popular, you can think about selling ads on your social media. In the next spoiler, there will be payouts from sellix.io; otherwise, you might think it's some kind of scam store.