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Hello to all forum participants. The scheme has been verified on many major forums, I will provide a link, Telegram is TEMPORARILY REMOVED.

For sale, I offer training on Affiliate Program Fraud in the following areas: Sports, Casino, Poker (Revenue Share). The essence of earning money is to spin your bankroll according to my template and receive a profit of 20-60% of the spun money. You can spin as many times as you want. Profit is withdrawn once every 7, 14, or 30 days, depending on the affiliate program. There's nothing difficult about it, anyone can do it, no special knowledge is required. I'll teach you everything! Training will continue as long as the affiliate programs are active.

To work, you will need: a minimum of 200$ for spinning, special browsers for multi-accounts, and drops.

Sports - 100$
Casino - 100$
Poker - 100$

(The price includes a video manual, a chat with technical support throughout the training, 1-2 hours of online consultations.)

When purchasing all three chats at once, the cost will be 270$. For the first 5 students who purchase all three chats at once, the price will be 200$

VIP training, price: 500$. (The price includes video manuals for all three directions, private information that will facilitate work and increase profit, my online support throughout the training, step-by-step online guidance, voice communication throughout the working time. After mastering all the skills, you will also have the opportunity to work with private affiliate programs together with me in a team.) For the first two students, VIP training will cost 400$.

I agree to use an escrow service at the buyer's expense! (Escrow service will be active for 7-15 days until profit is achieved.) In case you, for some reason, don't start working (don't want to, not interested, too busy, etc.), the escrow fee will be paid in my favor after 7 days from the date of purchase, but all training conditions remain in effect.

Refunds are not provided! Please clarify all the details in a private message before making a purchase.
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