Gray opening a private detective agency for background checks and hacking



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Studying the market of services, it's easy to conclude that there are many specialists providing information retrieval services now. What's especially pleasing is that there are services with a long-standing reputation.

These are the services we will use. But not just spamming our advertisements all over various social networks, we will do it smartly.

So, a private detective agency. That's who we'll be offering such services as.

What does a detective do?

They collect information with evidence and provide it to the client.
Who uses the services of detectives?

Mostly, it's jealous husbands/wives.
Can we provide information to the client through retrieval that will confirm or refute the fact of infidelity?

Absolutely, we can.
For now, put aside your knowledge about retrieval, hacking, flashes, and details. Pretend you've never heard of it. Well, you've heard of it but only from TV shows on NTV.

Why exactly like this?

Because it targets the average person, and that's how they perceive all this.
Let me tell you this. When a friend asked me to hack his girlfriend a couple of years ago, he didn't believe it was possible. He was amazed when he received the chat archive and all the login data. In his eyes, I looked like some mysterious secret service agent.

And imagine this, does the average person have the opportunity to use a service like "Vspyshka," for example?

If they're not involved in such forums – no, they don't have that opportunity, without certain connections and acquaintances. And if you study the services of detective agencies, you can see that they offer similar services but in a simplified form.

Example of an advertisement:

"We have substantial knowledge and experience in operational activities. We have a higher education in criminal law."

We provide the following services:

Gathering information on individuals:
Locating residential and registration addresses.

Locating property (movable and immovable).

Checking for criminal records or serious administrative violations.

Finding phone numbers and social media profiles.

Gathering characteristics about the place of residence and in law enforcement agencies.

Checking credit history.

Gathering information on legal entities:
Checking a contractor's reliability from open and other sources.

Checking the leaders of a legal entity (criminal records, connections, affiliations, property, contacts, place of residence).

Checking employees for reliability.

People search.

Detecting cases of infidelity. Comprehensive coverage of the daily routine of the person being investigated, as agreed with the client.

Polygraph testing.

Assistance to citizens in government agencies:

Obtaining information on the progress of a criminal case investigation.

Assisting in initiating a criminal case.


Help in debt recovery, including illegitimate debts.
For all the mentioned activities, I guarantee complete confidentiality and promptness. I will not take on a case unless I am 90% confident in the result. I will look into the issue for free (half a day), and then there will be a prepayment and payment upon achieving the result. Communication with the client is available 24/7. For all the listed activities, I will provide a written report with attached photos.

Our work is confirmed by the reviews of many grateful clients.

Feel free to contact us, and we will solve your problem in a short time!

Create groups on various social networks, just like a detective agency. Attach phone numbers, WhatsApp/Viber/Instagram, etc. Make it look professional because we will be working for a long time, and it needs to look reputable.

Fill it with content. Advertising is essential. I don't recommend spamming as it looks bad. However, if a person comes to you through advertising, it's more serious.

Maintain social networks actively. Like, comment, subscribe. Also, order ads in publics, private pages, and social networks themselves through an exchange.

Where can we get all these services if we don't have access to the database?

It's actually quite simple; there are plenty of forums and offers available.

By the way, Avito and Yula will be fine with us because we are private detectives. Just in case, if the client becomes finicky, draw up permission in advance to conduct activities. Although they hardly ever ask for it.

So, here's a way to legally resell social network retrieval and hacking services through these very social networks. Banned pages are excluded.

As for profits, it all depends on your advertising. There are not many detectives, and it's easy to handle competition. Moreover, considering your "non-standard" services, you have every chance to stand out at the top. Creativity will be a significant advantage here.

And, of course, have a budget for paying for services from those you will purchase retrieval and other services from.

As for turning it towards video editing? It's very simple. A husband orders retrieval of his wife or vice versa. Naturally, we perform some basic retrieval on our target and contact them directly, telling them that we have a lot of information on them – please make a payment, and your wife/husband won't find out anything. For an additional fee, we won't just say, "We couldn't find anything," but also tell them about the clean conscience and angelic nature of our target.

It's all quite simple and quite feasible. By the way, you can also use this detective agency scheme for gray areas. That is, you genuinely fulfill orders from clients, but without using editing tactics.