Reaction score


Even in calm times, Facebook sometimes rejects my creatives due to the wrong preview. In my understanding, a correctly chosen preview is a segment of the creative that lasts longer than the rest. For clarity, let's look at an example.


Photo 1
Let's take shots from one of my creatives with an aviator. The creative consists of 3 sections: intro 7 sec (Photo 1), airplane with X 5 sec (Photo2), push notifications and call to action 4 sec (Photo 3). The most rational choice here would be the intro, it lasts the longest + this is the beginning of the video.


I often began to see creatives in the spays in which the intros were segments from videos that had nothing to do with gambling, and then standard slots, erasers, wheels. I haven’t tried this approach myself, so I can’t say anything about the practicality and usability of this feature.


Photo 3

2. Leather and 18+​

I myself use approaches with beautiful girls to attract male traffic and very often I see such creatives in spays. But often they strongly trigger FB. Here, too, the preview feature comes to the rescue.

Under no circumstances put the end of a creative with a call to action on the preview, because with a high degree of probability you will get a retaliation for bypassing the system.

Advertising launch algorithm​

• Choosing the right offer

When choosing an offer, you should not focus only on the rate and stats from the manager.

Look at indicators such as localization of the product by geo-bay, retention, support, variety of slots, product payments.

All these indicators together are responsible for redeployments from players, and if there are none, then your traffic may be cut off.

• Creating a relevant funnel

When we have already selected the offers, we should go to the main page of the product and select the most attractive slot, on the basis of which we will form the entire funnel. Next, we need to find an app with a design and layout similar to our chosen slot, and also order creative with our slots.

• Login and additional farming of accounts

Creatives are made in 1-2 days, during which time we must prepare accounts for uploading.

Having logged into autoreg in antique, I immediately add an avatar and link it to BM/king. After linking, I let it sit for 5-6 hours and link the card. The next day our account is ready for uploading

• Launch advertising

For creative tests, I run 3-4 accounts with one creative.

An important point is to set the planned launch on all accounts at the same time, because if you launch one account today and another in 2 days, you will not be able to compare their performance and understand the rationality of the launch with this creative.