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The authorities of the Chinese city of Shenzhen again held a “free lottery”, in which 100,000 city residents received 200 digital yuan each to pay for goods and services.

In total, 20 million digital yuan were given to Chinese citizens, which is about $3 million at the current exchange rate. Residents of Shenzhen will be able to spend their gifts between January 7 and January 17. The national digital currency is accepted at 10,000 locations in Shenzhen, including shops, supermarkets and restaurants.
The "Free Lottery" in Shenzhen was already held in October last year. Then 50,000 city residents received 10 million digital yuan, 88% of which was spent to pay for goods and services. In December, a similar test was carried out in the city of Suzhou, and then almost all the yuan received were spent.
When testing the digital yuan in Shenzhen, operators are disabling some features - you cannot pay with a gift on online platforms, or make contactless payments without connecting to the network.
Since the beginning of December 2020, the Hong Kong regulator has been negotiating with the People's Bank of China to test the digital yuan for international payments.