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Scam on YouTube or how much do scammers earn from this?

Let's conduct an experiment:​

We will launch a YouTube stream ourselves on behalf of any cool dude from the cryptocurrency crowd, whom everyone will be happy to see. However, first of all, you need to find a video from any conference and interview on the topic of cryptocurrency in which your hero participates. Let's call him Adonis, he is young and beautiful.

In the upper left part of the stream we put a looping video of an interview where Adonis discusses the topic of cryptocurrencies. The upper right part is a preview of the stream with the announcement of the giveaway, and the lower part is divided into a QR code for replenishing your wallet, and on the right are gifts from Adonis or the conditions for receiving them.


Preparation and moments where Adonis may stumble

First of all, a beautiful BTC wallet will be very useful for us. If Adonis is so beautiful and gives out money, then his wallet starts with 1Adonis1, and not 1HJsKjs - this is not necessary, but it increases confidence in Adonis. Why not do it if you can do it.

To do this, download the software - or

I have the second one, because the first one is not very friendly with AMD processors and video cards.

Create a .bat in the downloaded folder and write where 1Random1 is the name of your Adonis:

oclvanitygen.exe -o resultsMy1Random1.txt -v 1Random1
And we launch it. The generation of a wallet begins, or rather the search of wallets in search of one that suits us. Generation may take approximately 4-5 days, or maybe a couple of hours - depending on your luck, the number of symbols and the power of your hardware.


At the output we get the wallet address and private ID. We import the private account for ourselves - from the wallets & addresses tab

After which you will be able to use the data generated by the wallet, shown in the example

We make a QR code from the wallet address. We will do it in this generator -


We enter your wallet and generate a beautiful picture through which funds will be transferred to your wallet. Be sure to check if you got the right wallet, otherwise there will be a three-pancake generator - everyone will scam himself.

Open Photoshop and prepare the screensaver. We will look for our Adonis and an interview with him later. The main thing is a QR code, your wallet and all kinds of clickbait, as in the lower left part of the example. We draw, cook, save the picture.


Setting up a stream and looping a video with Adonis

It's time to choose your Adonis and look for videos of him. There is nothing to explain here - look for conferences on YouTube with a certain person or lectures on Bitcoin and take what they give. Download it and trim it to your liking.

We will stream via OBS, download -

Let's launch. On the bottom panel, we see the “Scenes” and “Sources” tabs, click on the plus sign at the source.


And select “image”.


We call it whatever you want, the main thing is not to get confused yourself


We indicate the path to the image from Photoshop and click “OK”, Adonis appears in the background. A-a-ah, how beautiful he is!


In the empty black space, we need to loop the video. Click on the plus sign we already know and add “Media Source”


We indicate that our video will be a local file, check the “Repeat” box.


We adjust the size to our background.


And we do this step a second time, but we make the video in full screen.


This is so that Youtube does not ban the broadcast right away and you get 20-30 minutes online, and then you can quickly replace just the video with a picture with Adonis. This is done with two clicks - the first on the eye in the source of the full-screen video and the second click on the eye on the first video, which we adjusted to the size of the background.


The broadcast is ready, we are preparing for the launch of Adonis

We will launch, as you already understood, on Youtube. Therefore, we need to have YouTube logs, from where we will take channels and gain viewers using them. Parse logs using any available tool. Channels with 10k subscribers or more are quite suitable for launching a broadcast on them and seeing the results. A large number of subscribers does not guarantee success, but it adds credibility to the broadcast. Some small channels do a good job of pushing you to the top of the search for your target query, while million-dollar channels can give zero results.

Found the channel? Great! On Youtube, next to the avatar at the top right, click on the camera icon, and then click “Start broadcast”


A window appears, indicate the name and description in it. It’s better to write the latter in a notepad and then paste it - the YouTube menu is crazy. Turn on monetization, as practice has shown, this has a beneficial effect on broadcasting.


Click on the gear in the upper right part of the screen, in the pop-up window go to the “chat” tab and turn it off


After saving, we will be transferred to the main menu, here we set automatic launch, copy the broadcast key and go to OBS.


Go to settings, then “broadcasting”.



All that remains is to press the treasured button and Adonis will go into battle.


Balthazar sighed: “Done.” You are as beautiful as young Adonis, sir. “This Adonis came to a bad end,” Mercutio immediately added.

How not to end badly to Mercutio’s envy

Summing up the intermediate results, we have a broadcast ready to launch and a beautiful, and most importantly, trustworthy enough wallet for an ordinary user. Now to the intricacies of working with bans, which Mercutio warned us about. We made two media sources, one full screen and one with Adonis. I said that it was necessary and you believed me. Thank you. Now I'm ready to explain myself.


If you immediately start a broadcast with Adonis, then you will most likely be kicked from the search quite quickly and it will be good if they allow you to start it a second time. Therefore, we pass the mark of 20-30 minutes with full-screen mode and if we are still stuck in the search, congratulations, you can release your Adonis. According to my observations, there are several boundaries when they can be cut off or kicked from the search: 1-5-20-30-60 minutes. If you have survived these milestones, you will probably hold out for another 2-3 hours, but sooner or later you will still fall, the main goal is to have time to get yours.

It’s also worth noting that this kind of stream is usually cut off by moderators at 6 a.m. Moscow time; I notice this kind of movement every day. I’ll voice an obvious thing, but maybe it’s not obvious to someone: if you have 1k subscribers, you will be cut off earlier than a channel with, roughly speaking, a million. If a stream with 1k subscribers receives 100 reports - a red card, if a channel with 100k subscribers receives the same 100 reports, then everything is fine. I hope you get the point.

Promotion of the video in search

I use utilities that you may have already heard about from my previous articles or used them yourself. These are KWT ( and VidiQ (browser extension). Through KWT we look at the database (10 pieces are enough) of tags that are interesting to us, save them, then enter them into VidiQ, in it you can see how these tags and similar ones are suitable for your channel, add these tags to yourself and see how YouTube algorithms strongly estimate your weight in this category.



For example, the btc tag, currently on the current channel where I put VidiQ, is rated quite well.

And the randomly added tag “money” is not very suitable for the channel.


Your task is to choose tags to add that have good search volume, but not too much competition. You can add something in between. Speaking of average, I think you’ve seen that when searching for videos on YouTube, some people have three #hashtags under the video.


It is also advisable to add them, you can add up to 50 pieces, it seems, but the optimal option found is 8. The first three will be visible under your video, all the rest will just be in the description, I can’t say what gives the wow effect, but it’s always better to do than not to do.

Adonis and Mercutio hurry to take their leave

Coming to the end, let's talk about increasing views and likes on the broadcast. This must be done, and without fail. Your broadcast, of course, even without viewers has a chance to overtake your competitors, but a real person is more likely to open the one with more people. In my opinion, you need about 20k viewers, and then it depends on your capabilities.

I don’t recommend buying viewers on various services - it’s expensive and ineffective. The best option is to buy the software, or better yet, order it with support from the coder, in case of any fixes. My software from one valid Google/YouTube cookie gets around 10 viewers, but from processed logs this value drops to four to six.


Now there will be important information, which I have highlighted large for your convenience. Few people care about you so touchingly. With modest goals of achieving the ideal, I described a scheme that can be implemented not only on Youtube. It’s just that now this is the best way in terms of the cost of one sucker. But that could change, especially if a bunch of other Adonis show up. The one who can figure out how to attract more people for less money will win the battle. For example, create a promotional page and drive traffic to it. Or broadcast on Twitch. You can even prepare seriously and buy advertising from bloggers announcing the opening of an incredible project that will distribute bitcoins on a certain day. It all depends on your imagination and funds, but you can earn money from the mechanics itself for a long time.


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The scheme is quite popular, and it can be modernized quite well. They activate bots and fake donations with gratitude. They thank for a scam link in the description related to earnings or money distribution. But this is already a kind of scam from the livestream.