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1. Create an account on Telegram.

2. Purchase a database of USA-based chats (you can find them on Google, there are many forums with databases). You can also find shops in Telegram that offer databases.

3. Post the following advertisement in the purchased chats:
"I provide anonymous transaction services!

  • Do you want to hide your income?
  • Withdraw money from the dark side? - Then it's me!
I charge a minimal fee for the transfer!
Contact - @yourusername
(You can translate this to English using Google Translate if you like)

1. People who want to use the anonymous transaction service will contact us.

2. We agree on the transaction fee and discuss what we will need to pay or purchase with the received funds.

3. We receive a banker's check from them or a transfer from their account to the trader's account, which you will set up with the banker.

4. After that, we disappear into the sunset along with the money from the unsuspecting person.

If someone didn't understand:
Some people want to pay for something illegal but don't want to reveal their own details. Setting up your own drop in the USA is expensive these days. It's much more profitable to find someone from a chat who will do all the dirty work and expose their details and IP address, taking a small percentage for it. Americans in this field have a much higher level of trust compared to the CIS community. Losing $100-$200 is peanuts for Americans, but for us, it's a good opportunity to make money!

This is a new scheme, so use it wisely.