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Chinese scammers have deceived the government's identity verification system

In dictatorial dystopia China, ordinary citizens have long been forced into biometrics. Biometric verification, facial recognition is widely used in industries such as government affairs, security, finance and consumption.

However, the system obeys the laws of the computer program, some laws can be circumvented, others can be broken

Two comrades deceived the identity verification system of the State Tax Administration platform. They took high-resolution photographs and created videos from them using neural networks. Now it takes a few seconds.

The scammers then obtained a smartphone that allowed them to bypass the use of the camera during facial authentication by uploading doctored videos into the system instead.

The facial recognition system fell for the trick and authenticated the people in the video.

Once logged in, the scammers issued false invoices in the name of a shell company. Criminals have been doing this completely undetected since 2018.

Shanghai prosecutor opens investigation into false invoices amounting to more than 500 million yuan
Any surveillance system can be broken