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Recently, in order to transfer your USDT (on the TRC-20 network) from the TrustWallet wallet, a huge commission began to be taken (as much as [ B]26 TRX ~ 1.4$[/B]).


In order not to pay a commission, we import our seed phrase from the TrustWallet wallet into the wallet ]TRONLINK(can be downloaded on Android, iOS, or simply made as a browser extension, like Metamask). TRONLINK, this is the official wallet from the site

Import seed phrases​

First, go to the wallet settings (you can have any multi-currency wallet, I will show TrustWallet as an example). Then click “Wallets”, and next to the name of our wallet click on the 3 dots on the right, then click on “Show secret phrase”. Enter the password, check all the boxes and copy our seed. You can, of course, simply create a new TRONLINK wallet and transfer USDT to it along with TRX and pay a commission.

Next, having installed or downloaded the TRONLINK wallet, select "Import Wallet", and copy our seed phrase there, then come up with a password to log in.


Staking (freezing funds)​

That's it, we've imported the wallet, half the job is done.

Our next part, we will need to freeze our TRX for at least 3 days (don’t be afraid, they won’t disappear anywhere, this is a Staking operation, reminiscent of a bank deposit, and all this will allow us to transfer us TRX and USDT without commission). Find in the menu and press "Stake".


Next, for more convenient work, we are transferred to the site In the Resources tab, click Obtain.


Here the most important thing is to select “TRON Power and Energy” (we don’t need Bandwith).


We enter the quantity of TRX we need (as much as we have or as much as you want). Energy is exactly what we will use to cover our commission (what we imported, we are great, of course, but there is still a commission, albeit a small one). On average, one transaction to transfer your USDT, will cost about 14,650 Energy. And we get energy from staking. For one staked TRX - I get on average ~24.88 Energy. 14650/24.88 = 588.8 TRX is the minimum that we need to complete at least one transaction per day. The next day after using Energy, it will be restored again (unless, of course, you continue staking your TRX and you have not demanded them back).

Vote and get energy​

So how do you get that energy? Once you have frozen your funds for at least 3 days (you can then request them back at any time), you also receive a "Vote". How much TRX is frozen is how much Vote you get. Now we need to vote for the pool we need (where the annual % (APR) is greater, put all the votes there. On average, everyone offers about 4-5% per annum (to you Every day TRX will also be awarded as a reward for freezing). All this is located in the Governance >> Vote. tab