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Flipper Zero is a project of a pocket multitool based on Raspberry Pi Zero for pentesting IoT and wireless access control systems. And this is a Tamagotchi, in which a cyber dolphin lives.

He will be able to:

Operate in the 433 MHz range - to study radio controls, sensors, electronic locks and relays.
NFC - read/write and emulate ISO-14443 cards.
125 kHz RFID - read/write and emulate low-frequency cards.
iButton keys - read/write and emulate contact keys operating via the 1-Wire protocol.
Wi-Fi - to check the security of wireless networks. The adapter supports packet injection and monitor mode.
Bluetooth - bluez package supported for Linux
Bad USB mode - can connect as a USB slave and emulate a keyboard, ethernet adapter and other devices for code injection or network pentest.
Tamagotchi! - low power microcontroller operates when the main system is turned off.

I am excited to present my most ambitious project, the idea of which I have been nurturing for many years. This is an attempt to combine all the often necessary tools for physical pentesting into one device, while adding personality to it to make it cute as hell.

At the moment, the project is at the stage of R&D and approval of functionality, and I invite everyone to participate in the discussion of functions or even take part in development. Below the cut is a detailed description of the project.

I love to explore everything around me and constantly carry different tools with me to do this. In my backpack: WiFi adapter, NFC reader, SDR, Proxmark3, HydraNFC, Raspberry Pi Zero (this causes problems at the airport). All these devices are not so easy to use while running, when you have a cup of coffee in one hand, or when you are riding a bicycle. You need to sit down, lie down, get a computer - this is not always convenient. I dreamed of a device that would implement typical attack scenarios, be always in combat readiness, and at the same time not look like a bunch of falling apart circuit boards wrapped in electrical tape.