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Telegram is the main platform for right-wing extremists – Der Spiegel

Chat app operators only delete one in 10 far-right posts reported to them, according to a study by a German government think tank.

Videos of the mutilated corpses of black people, calls to shoot refugees on the high seas with machine guns and claims that the Holocaust is “the biggest lie in history”: racist and right-wing extremist content on Telegram is spreading across public channels, according to new research from

This is stated in the previously unpublished study “Telegram: between the promotion of violence and information war.”

According to SPIEGEL research, live videos of the Halle and Christchurch killers can still be found on the platform in the public domain. The videos are available in full, including footage of the fatal shots, the publication reports.

They can be found with just a few clicks on public channels known for their right-wing extremist content and have tens of thousands, and in one case over 100,000 views.

As part of a study of how major internet companies respond to illegal content, nearly 200 clearly illegal right-wing extremist content was flagged through the app's internal reporting feature and emailed to Telegram operators.

According to the study, just under 11% of reported content was removed. The remaining content, which is punishable in Germany for inciting hatred, unconstitutional characterizations or Holocaust denial, remained online.