The United States will try to extradite the 22-year-old founder of RaidForums.


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A British court is preparing to consider a request from US authorities to extradite 22-year-old Diogo Santos Coelho, suspected of creating and running RaidForums. As Euronews notes, it was the Portuguese who was hiding behind the nickname “Omnipotent”.

The material notes that RaidForums was originally intended as a platform for leaks, where hackers would rather brag to each other about their achievements. However, it quickly grew into a major trading platform as cyber hackers realized the value of the data they were able to access.

“It was then that Omnipotent began to do everything, including becoming an intermediary for cybercriminals and hackers. As a result, RaidForums earned millions of dollars. But throughout the five years of the site’s existence, the FBI knew who was behind it,” says information security journalist Waqas Ahmed.

According to him, during Coelho’s trip to the United States, local authorities did not arrest him because, due to his age, he could avoid a real sentence. Instead, his devices were confiscated and the work of RaidForums, which turned into a giant trap, was then quietly monitored. After waiting until Coelho reached the age at which he could face serious punishment for cyber fraud, Washington demanded his arrest, which eventually took place in the UK on April 12, 2022.

“Children should never be judged like adults,” says clinical psychologist Kelly Dunlap. — Should they be held responsible? Yes. Should this responsibility be the same as for an adult with a fully functioning prefrontal cortex? No".