The world's first patent was issued where the AI is listed as the inventor


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The patent was obtained by University of Surrey professor Ryan Abbott and his team, who have been at odds with patent offices around the world for years over the need to recognize artificial intelligence as inventors.

As a result, South Africa became the first country to issue a patent where artificial intelligence is named as its inventor, and the owner of the AI is named as the owner of the patent

The AI even has a name - DABUS (“device for autonomous self-tuning of unified perception”)

DABUS has created a food container based on fractal geometry with improved heat transfer

The creator of the AI commented on this event as follows:

“This is truly a historic occasion. We are moving from an era when invention was only the preserve of humans to an era when machines are capable of realizing innovation.

Invention is no longer just a human phenomenon. The University of Surrey has taken a leading role in asking important philosophical questions about how the law should respond if AI behaves like a human."
Well, we are waiting for robots to demand equal rights and independence