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Bing and ChatGPT are still rocking. And we already have the opportunity to try the search tools that will soon be in every browser.

Lexii ai - to answer your question, she will go through a bunch of sources and attach links. She can also speak Russian - just ask her about it. Link here.

(https://lexii.ai/)Phind - search engines for techies who can simplify complex things and provide explanations immediately in the form of code. Link here.

(https://phind.com/)Perplexity - the most powerful AI search. It will open from any page, search through any resource, attach sources and make a summary. Search here. (https://www.perplexity.ai/) Extension - here.

(https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/perplexity/hlgbcneanomplepojfcnclggenpcoldo/)Chord - will provide a detailed abstract in response to your request. The AI will scour forums, blogs and news resources, attach links and break everything into sections. Link here.

(https://chord.ooo/)ANDI is a hybrid of a chatbot and a search engine that displays links to sources in a separate panel. Link here.

(https://andisearch.com/)Waldo is an extension designed to enhance Google searches. It works on any page and can also search inside YouTube videos. Link here.

(https://www.waldo.fyi/)NeevaAI - has an original engine capable of producing up-to-date answers with quotes. Paid, there is a trial. Link here.

(https://neeva.com/blog/introducing-neevaai)Glean - searches through work chats, documents and cloud drives, which greatly simplifies communication within the company. The link to the demo is here.

(https://www.glean.com/)AskFred - the service remembers everything that was in work correspondence and calls, and will quickly find what you need. Link here.

(https://fireflies.ai/?ref=twitter&ref=producthunt)Nuclia is a service that can find anything on a server, drive, or cloud drive. It will even look for keywords in videos and audio. Link here.