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At the moment, TikTok is a very popular social network, so we decided to tell you about the most relevant and useful information about this social network as a source of traffic.

First, let's look at the TikTok audience itself:​

Let's start with the fact that the vast majority of people are familiar with this platform. This is not surprising, since TikTok announced that at the end of September 2021 it surpassed 1 billion monthly active users. Now it is the 7th most popular social network in the world. People from all over the world use TikTok, and it's not just teenagers. So let's take a closer look at the study from Hootsuite. (a link for even more detailed information will be at the end of the article)

1 billion is a huge number of people, and many marketers have taken notice. It's worth noting that 56.1% of TikTok's global audience are women.
If we talk about audiences over 18 years old, the situation looks something like this:

Interestingly, TikTok's US ad reach rate is equal to 46.5% of the entire US population in the same age range, although younger users misreporting their age may skew this ratio somewhat.
Table of the ratio of TikTok users to the total local population of countries that have reached the age of majority:

It is especially noticeable that TikTok is popular in the Middle East.

After we've sorted out the TikTok audience, let's find out where we can get traffic from:​

Let's start with free traffic, or UBT​

Recently, the arbitration community has increasingly begun to discuss the UBT trend from TikTok. The fact is that, thanks to the specifics of the service, some web masters manage to attract a very large number of leads to their offers, spending minimal investment on it. Specifically, the following methods of free promotion are currently used:
1) Video creation
Thanks to TikTok's recommendation system, you no longer need to have a large number of subscribers to get your video watched. The algorithms themselves will show your video, and if it is in demand, it may even be seen by more than 1 million people.
This is what arbitrage traders take advantage of. They create videos in which they advertise a product, motivate them to click on a link, or introduce viewers to their other social networks.
Web sites face certain problems when working with this method. One of them is the inability to get views. This is due to the fact that TikTok's algorithms are able to identify videos that are used on the platform many times, so it will not be possible to post the same videos. The solution here is to uniqueize the video through editors or third-party services. The video should be mirrored, noise added, etc.
2) Massfollowing and Massliking
Some readers of this article may understand what we are talking about, since the methods of Massfollowing and Massliking are very popular on the Instagram platform - this also applies to TikTok. For those who are not in the know, we will give definitions of the terms.
Mass following and mass liking are mass actions of following and liking in order to attract attention. The user receives notifications that they have been subscribed/liked and, wondering who did it, goes to your profile. You can do it manually or using third-party services/programs. It should be borne in mind that the media platform limits such actions, so they should not be abused.
Limits are selected individually, but at the moment the average numbers in TikTok are as follows: 200 subscriptions and 500 likes per day.
3)Spam in comments
This method involves commenting on popular videos. The content of such comments implies attracting the user to follow the link in the profile. To make a comment more noticeable than others, they add likes to it. Like the previous method, spam is carried out manually or using software. However, it is worth considering that at the moment it is very difficult to find a good program for TikTok.

But how can you make videos more viewed? I'll explain now:
Hook something at the beginning, clickbait, headline
2) Ensure screenwriting content of the screenwriter
3) Unusual
4) We need to explain why to leave TT and switch to advertising
You can also get traffic on TikTok using paid advertising
TikTok provides several advertising formats:
1) TopView - video up to 60 seconds, which starts when the user opens the application.
2) Brand Takeover - a banner that is displayed when entering the application.
3) In-feed Ads / Native Video - an advertising video up to 60 seconds, which is shown in the feed. The most common advertising format. Users can even like and comment on such ads.
4) Branded Hashtag Challenge - a banner located in the search section. It has its own hashtag, when you click on it, the terms of the competition appear. Usually you need to record a video with this hashtag.
5) Branded Effects - special effects for videos: masks, stickers, liners, etc.
The only advertising format that can be launched through the TikTok Ads account is In-feed Ads / Native Video. To configure everything else, you need to negotiate with the administrator.
Great. We've dealt with the audience. We figured out how to get traffic. But a completely logical question arose: “Where should this traffic go?”

Let's look at the verticals that you can get traffic from TikTok:​

1) Dating. It’s worth starting with the most popular topic among affiliate marketers. The principle here is simple, you need to take the user to a dating site or application. To do this, a link is attached to the profile and video creatives are created that use attractive girls with an offer to meet. It is worth noting that in TikTok Mainstream dating offers sometimes go much better than adult ones.
2) Adult. Similar approaches are used with this direction, only the traffic is already directed to other social networks (most often Telegram), and not directly.
3) Betting. In betting, it is popular for creatives to use discussions of future matches and the possibility of earning money from them. It is also good to demonstrate a luxurious life and a large income.
4) Gambling. In addition to a rich life and earning schemes, potential Gambling clients are shown the process of playing in a casino and, of course, strong emotions when winning.
5) Nutra. “Before and after” creatives are great for advertising products for weight loss, personal care, and others. However, keep in mind that TikTok often blocks videos that show large areas of skin.
If you take traffic from paid advertising on TikTok, then you should understand that your creative must comply with the rules of the platform and not violate them.
If you work according to UBT, then you can promote any offers. However, you need to be prepared to create/purchase a large number of accounts due to possible blocking.
In conclusion, I will say that TikTok is a very fast-growing platform that is an excellent source of traffic. Thanks to its capabilities, you can apply to offers in both paid and free ways. We looked at the most basic promotion methods; which ones to choose, as always, you decide.