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Greetings, dear readers. Each of us is one way or another aware of what a VPN is. But few people know what it is actually needed for.
In this article I will tell you everything I know about VPN. What data does the provider store, is your VPN anonymous, etc.

Myths about VPN

1. VPN does not provide data upon request.
What can I say about this? Popular VPNs have a document that absolutely no one reads, and it’s called a privacy policy. For example, we will take the popular VPN of almost the same name NordVPN and look at the privacy policy of this service. You can find it via the link ...MIoYb8raui9AIV2OR3Ch1wwgptEAAYASAAEgJFbPD_BwE

First, we need some legal information about this provider. NordVPN is registered as a legal entity in Panama.
Russia and Panama have agreements on mutual assistance and principles of relations between the countries. Based on this, it can be understood that upon request to the Panama police, the data stored by the provider was released.


The data is as follows, email, payment slips + information about the country of payment.
As for ip, mac adress and other data, we are assured that NordVPN does not collect this data. Having actually connected to an IP address, they may not log outgoing connections, but it’s not that simple. The VPN program itself does not collect data about the PC (possibly based on the privacy policy). But the site collects data such as Cookies and visit logs (IP, Time and user-agent [information about your OS and other parameters]). I’m answering the obvious question of how the VPN is connected to the site. When you log into the VPN client, you go through authorization, which is directly the same login through the browser and goes to the same database. And all you have left is time for diplomatic requests and formalities between countries, as far as I know, the diplomatic post works every day and there are FSB officers there. Most likely, no one will care about you if the joint is not large, and at the same time it depends on the case, because the statistics on 159.6 of the Criminal Code (Fraud on the Internet) are inevitably growing, so you need to be aware of your actions.


2.VPN is designed for anonymity.
VPN and anonymity are two completely different concepts. VPN - Stands for Virtual Private Network (translated from English as Virtual Private Network. Anonymity, in turn, is when someone did something, but no one knows who did it, and privacy is when you do something, but attackers and the provider don’t know what.

3.VPN helps with various things (For example: OTP CODE bypass)
Unfortunately, this is complete nonsense, all VPN IP addresses are known, you can check this on the website Their VPN operates on the same basis as any other and is designed to bypass censorship and protect your connection and data.

You have already read the main part in the myths, now we will look at the issue of anonymity of the Double VPN, VPN + VPN + VPN + PROXY combinations. And so on.

All these chains are beautiful, but they do not have an anonymous connection. All you get from this chain is a slowdown and time to emigrate from the country.

What is a VPN really needed for?
As I said above, a VPN is needed to safely use networks; if you are sitting in a shopping center and connecting to free Wi-Fi without a VPN, then you are a very desperate person or someone who does not know about it. A VPN is also needed to bypass censorship and blocking and partially hide your identity for security purposes, for example on the same forum. A VPN is also needed if someone has evil intentions to deanon your identity.

Infogypsy or marketing of local hucksters.
Nowadays the popular opinion is that VPN is anonymous. You probably think that this is written by those who simply have not read my article or simply do not understand this. I agree in part, but first of all VPN as a company misleads you to buy a VPN, since in Russia no one wants to pay for anything, people buy stolen accounts and therefore hucksters on the forum or do not discuss this topic at all or are actively trying to protect VPN for the common good, so that some Sanka would buy a VPN for 20 rubles and go to stream traffic or check logs. Don’t be naive and don’t succumb to their influence, they want to earn money from you and nothing more, you will say 20 rubles, but that’s only 20 rubles, but a day there can be up to 100 of these Sanyas and there’s already a good profit there. + Stolen accounts can fly away and you buy new ones and this circle is endless.
I’m already mentally prepared for their influx and cheap arguments that everything is wrong and that in general I don’t understand anything about it. As I wrote above, I am directly destroying their “business” and it is beneficial for them to create public opinion against my article. In myth number 1, I provided information based on an official legal document; I think I’m unlikely to see any adequate counterarguments about this.