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Salute to everyone, we will buy electronic goods, namely Gift cards from various stores. And then drain it, or you can buy it yourself using Gift. Moreover, we do not need SS and driving skills. Last month I made a little over 56k on this topic. It's clean! Already taking into account ALL my expenses and money lost on the sale of goods. Yes, yes, we will sell goods (digital). You may ask where I can get the goods or even the money for them, but read on, now I’ll show and tell you everything. The theme is white, well, with a gray tint, since we will buy gift cards for pennies and use them to buy goods in stores like Amazon, Walmard, etc. You can earn your first money by the end of the day if you do everything correctly and don’t rush.

Tools for work:

⦁ To begin with, it won’t hurt you to arm yourself with a VPN (just in case)

⦁ Mozila Browser (Private Mode)

⦁ Latest mail. (Gmail,Yahoo)

⦁ I myself prefer to work with YAHOO-mail

Next, go to any online store and buy gifts

You ask me what Gifts are and why do you need them?

It's simple, these are gift cards with a balance of 25-200+ dollars

Which are usually given to their relatives or friends, but for various reasons they are lost, accounts are hacked, brute forces are forced, etc.

As a result, we have a gift card with an iron balance, which can be used to make purchases in the store

Prices are generally 30-50% less than full price

For example, a gift for 50 bags will cost 1500-1700 rubles.

I myself use the DELETE store (not advertising) but you can buy a lot of them anywhere on the Internet!

If anything, this is just an example of a site... You can also look for it yourself by simply searching for: “Gift Card”.

Or on neighboring forums there are many sellers who sell accounts with Gift balances up to $100

So, it doesn’t matter how you obtained accounts using the first or second method, let’s move on.

Gift activation

Once you have set up a gift card for yourself, everything is very simple and will not cause any difficulties (if you did everything correctly)

We go to the website of the gift card you bought, it could be Amazon, Walmart, Target, etc. I will show the example of the site


Login/register on the site

Next, go to the Gift Cards section


Next Check Card Balance and enter the card details (without spaces)


We check the balance on the card and we smoothly move on to the next phase

Buying and selling

We will buy those goods that can always be easily sold, preferably with EDELIVERY so as not to wait for delivery.

I chose the Playstation Store Gift Card for $50 (you can choose any digital product that you can safely sell)


Add to cart Pay with Gift


After receiving the goods, all you have to do is sell it on different platforms: public/paxful/ebay (my favorite)


Believe me, if you set the price lower than competitors (100-200 rubles)

You will definitely find a buyer


1 card costs 10$.

we buy and sell goods for 3000/3500

3000-10$=2000 rubles (profit from one sale)

In a month, lazily making 45 sales, you can raise 67k

The topic still generates income
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