We make an unlimited number of profiles in the anti-detection browser “Dolphin{anty}”



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Here is a scheme that allows you to use the "Dolphn{anty}" anti-detection browser with the ability to create more than 1 million profiles for free.

For those who are not familiar, an anti-detection browser allows you to create an unlimited number of browser profiles (special accounts within the browser) in a couple of clicks. Each profile will be different from the others, making you appear as a unique user to websites and online resources.

  1. First, you need to log in to your Dolphin Anty program account or create a new one since old browser profiles won't work. Make sure you have at least 1 unoccupied profile within the profile limit (9/10) to make profile creation work. Then, close the anti-detection browser.
  2. Go to GitHub ([URL='https://github.com/yagiraa/dolphin-free[/URL]']https://github.com/yagiraa/dolphin-free[/URL]) and download the Python script (anyone can open and inspect its code if they have an interest or doubts about its integrity).
  3. The next step is to copy the "app.asar" file from the script's "files" folder and replace it in the folder where you have Dolphin Anty installed, under "\Dolphin Anty\resources."
UPD: You can find the relevant Dolphin Anty folder using one of the following paths:

C:\Users*your username*\AppData\Local\Programs\Dolphin Anty\resources C:\Program Files\Dolphin Anty\resources

  1. Now, you need to run the script, which will set up your local server. If you are new to this, you can do it as follows:
  2. Install Python if you haven't already. The most suitable version is Python 3.10.
  3. Open the command prompt, navigate to "cd C:*path to the script folder*\dolphin-free-main."
  4. Execute "pip install -r requirements.txt" to install the necessary libraries.
  5. Finally, start the script either by entering "python main.py" in the command prompt or by double-clicking the "main.py" file.
  6. Done! With the script running, you can now launch Dolphin and create an unlimited number of accounts.
IMPORTANT: You need to run the script every time you want to use the anti-detection browser; otherwise, it will open the regular version.