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Why webcam models?

They are dumb (usually), they earn in crypto.

Let's consider the scheme that I successfully tested. We won't resort to a basic dox and blackmail scheme. We have brains.

I'll share a working skeleton; customize it for yourself.

Many women go into this "job" with the assurance that they'll remain anonymous, as promised by their employers.
Create a decent website with information about offering services to remove unwanted content (leaks). We need to study the industry to present it professionally and understand what to talk about when dealing with a model. At the very least, we must know the main sites where girls work (chaturbate, bongacams, livejasmine, etc.). I made a simple landing page, specifying a price of $40 for a full leak search by usernames and $20 per month for monitoring if the "model" is still active. (I'll say right away that I priced it low because one of the models leaked $200 to scammers before me.) So, I consider $100 a fair price.
Specify on the website that payment is made after demonstrating our capabilities. We take the money after removing one leak.

I created a "submit an application" button on the landing page where the client provides their Telegram/WhatsApp for contact. The completed application is sent to our email, and we respond as the administrator. Be polite and professional when communicating. Don't pressure. Act like we don't care whether they'll pay or not. Social engineering is key in making money.

I accepted payment via virtual Qiwi, but you can set up payments through Centapp on the website. This is the only way to accept payments from individuals. Payment always looks more solid than transferring money to a card. Nevertheless, everyone who tested the scheme paid me with a regular transfer.

As mentioned earlier, we take payment after demonstrating our capabilities. We ask for the username and search for leaks. Don't forget to use quotes when searching on Google. Create a simple website by copying an existing one entirely. Or upload photos/videos to some resource or a file-sharing service.

I personally didn't do any of this, but demonstrating our capabilities adds credibility. It's up to you to decide.

Remove the video from your website or from where you uploaded it. Gain trust. Get paid. I repeat that I took advance payment without removal.

Where to find models? There are two options.

The first is for those who want to make a big profit. We need to create a VK public group or Telegram channel related to the topic. Promote it, increase activity, and advertise your website. Direct advertising on Yandex or targeting on VK/Instagram will work well too.

The second is what I tested. Go to groups like "Overheard in Webcam" and similar ones. Write as if you were a webcam model, something like "Tell me how to delete it if MDCA is unresponsive" or how to delete from a specific website. Then, from another account, post in the comments, saying that you managed to delete it from there, and ask them to message you privately. Other users will message you, where, sympathetically, you suggest our website (screenshots below). Also, scroll through wall posts to find clients. We can even buy advertising from resource admins.

I spent 15 minutes on the landing, 15 minutes on comments for the test. 11 clients = $440. Go for it. The key is to remember that everything matters, from professional, non-intrusive communication to a pleasant website and basic knowledge of the industry.